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Skylanders SuperChargers expands upon the franchise’s signature gameplay to introduce vehicles-to-life for the first time — an entirely new way for fans to experience the magic of Skylands. In this high octane action-adventure videogame, kids can speed across Skylands’ roads in vehicular combat, race down raging rapids and engage in aerial dogfights as they barrel roll through enemy swarms for the first time. With a great variety of vehicles, an amazing story with 20 powerful new SuperChargers Skylander characters and 20 new vehicles, both young and old fans will be drawn into an epic new adventure unlike anything experienced in previous games.

Skylanders SuperChargers features a variety of new vehicles-to-life.

Skylanders SuperChargers features a variety of new vehicles-to-life. The Skylanders franchise has always been known for their unique ability to mix up the action and integrate characters with real world objects, but this is the first time mobile racing has been introduced as its own version of vehicles-to-life.

With more options than ever before, players can choose from all sorts of different characters and vehicles to play with. Take down enemies on land or sea in single player mode, or race through the vast world of Skylands with your favorite Skylanders and vehicles in high octane competitive split-screen local multiplayer racing. With so many choices available it’ll be hard not to find a combination that works for you!

Racing through the vast world of Skylands with your favorite Skylanders and vehicles in high octane competitive split-screen local multiplayer racing.

The Skylanders universe is going to be bigger than ever in the latest installment of the series, with new and returning characters. In addition to vehicular combat and exploration, players can also race their favorite vehicles through the vast world of Skylands. This quick-paced racing mode supports local split-screen multiplayer for up to four players.

Race against the clock and collect coins to upgrade your car.

  • Race against the clock and collect coins to upgrade your car.
  • Collect coins to unlock new characters, vehicles, tracks and game modes.
  • Collect coins to unlock power-ups like shields and bombs.

Battle to the top in worldwide online leaderboards using rival vehicles.

  • Rival vehicles
  • How to race against other players
  • Accessing the online leaderboards
  • -Before you can access the online leaderboards, you must create a Skylanders Cloud account. You can then log into your account and view all of your stats and achievements at any time. You’ll also have access to new features that let you play with friends locally or around the world using rival vehicles!

TEAM UP TO BATTLE KAOS!20 new characters and 20 new vehicles to collect.

This year, Skylanders Academy is back with a new game! It’s called Battlecast and it includes 20 new characters, 20 new vehicles, and a brand new gameplay mode.

The story takes place after the events of Skylanders Imaginators. Kaos has been defeated once again but his evil reach extends to all of other worlds including the skylands. You play as a young student who must use their knowledge of magics from each world to help defeat Kaos once again and save the day. The two main characters are Blaze and Snap Shot who both have different abilities that can be used during battle sequences. In addition to these two main characters you can also play as other familiar faces like Trigger Happy or Chop Chop (if your child likes dragons then this one is for them).

There are a few changes to how you unlock things in this game including having multiple paths through each level depending on what character you choose at the start(there are also multiple ways). There will still be some collectibles but they don’t feel like they take away from playing through levels which means more time spent actually doing something fun instead

Online gameplay available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Wii U (broadband internet required).

Skylanders Imaginators is the most magical, creative and advanced Skylanders game yet. The game offers players a new level of freedom as it introduces an all-new way to play with their favorite (or soon-to-be favorite) characters by allowing them to create their own Skylander from scratch. Imaginator magic allows you to bring your visualizations to life with a character that looks just like you want it to look, down to the very last detail. In addition to this unique character creation system and an epic story, fans can also enjoy online play across all consoles!

This game has more options than ever before!

This game has more options than ever before!

  • Vehicles: You can now drive a boat, a submarine and even a dragon!
  • Characters: Every Skylander has their own unique powers, so you’ll have to find the ones that work best for your style of play. Most characters also come with their own back story and personality. For example, if you like to be destructive then Bash is the perfect character for you because he will smash everything in his path with his hammer! But if you prefer technology over brute force then Snap Shot might be who your looking for since he uses his guns as weapons instead. Either way there are so many ways to play this game that it would take forever just naming them all out here 🙂


This game is great for those who have never played Skylanders before and those that have been playing since the first one came out! We hope this blog has helped you decide if it’s right for you or someone else in your family. This game has more options than ever before, so don’t wait and get yours today when they come out on September 20th!

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