Fish for the Fish Spotting World Record! Show off your skills and win amazing prizes


If you’ve never seen Fish Spotting, it’s a fun game that we launched this year. It’s simple: using your computer or mobile device, you track fish in the water and spot them to score points. The goal is to gain as many points as possible within a set amount of time.

Fish for the Fish Spotting World Record! Show off your skills and win amazing prizes

Fish spotting is a game that you play online. In it, you are presented with an image of a fish and must use the mouse to find it on the screen. The first person to spot all of the fish in an image wins!

We have created a Fish Spotting World Record Challenge for people who love this game to compete for prizes. All participants will receive an exclusive prize if they win their category, but we also have some other great prizes that can be won by anyone who enters (including one lucky grand prize winner). These include:

  • A copy of our flash game that contains lots of new levels with new kinds of fish!
  • An invitation to our next party at which we will give away more games and goodies!

Win the world record for fish spotting and get cool prizes

To win the world record, you must spot the most fish in our flash game. For every level that you achieve, we give you a chance to win a game idea to get people to fish in our flash game, a trip to Japan (the country where we are based), or even a PlayStation 4 Pro!

The World Record Prize Contest is an annual event that lets you show off your skills and win amazing prizes by spotting as many fish as possible in one week.


The best way to get people excited about a game is to give them something they’ll love. Give them a prize, like the one described above. This works especially well if you can offer something that’s not available anywhere else (like winning the world record).

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