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When Fruit Ninja first debuted in 2010, it was the hottest thing since sliced bread. I know, because I’ve been a competitive Fruit Ninja for almost ten years now and have seen this game take on many forms and stages. So what’s the secret to dominating a game that literally anyone can play? Knowing how to hold your sword is the first step. And then there are some important rules you’ll want to follow, like not using yo

are you holding it wrong?

The most important thing is to hold your phone correctly. You will not get as much distance if you’re not holding it right, so here’s what we recommend:

  • Hold your phone in one hand, but with the opposite hand on top of it to steady it (try using a thumbs-up position).
  • Place your thumb and index finger on the screen at opposite ends; then use your other three fingers to hold down whatever button you want (the slice button or power button).
  • Keep your thumb parallel with the bottom left corner of your screen, while keeping all four fingers in contact with other parts of their respective areas on both sides and above them. This gives you more leverage when slicing! You also need to move around quickly and smoothly if possible.”

fingers don’t count.

We’ve all heard the advice, “Use the whole hand to slice,” but not everyone knows how to do it. Here’s a step-by-step guide using our favorite ninja fruit, the apple:

  • Hold the fruit in your left hand by pinching it between your thumb and index finger.
  • Place your left hand on top of the screen at an angle that will allow you to slice into the fruit without touching any of the blades with your fingers (or else disaster will ensue).
  • With your right hand, swipe from bottom to top and down again slightly slower than normal (but still faster than slow), with enough force that all three fingers come into contact with their corresponding blade at once; this will cause them all to slice through at once rather than separately as if they were independently moving across each other’s paths like cowboys who are trying not get shot by their enemies by shouting “Yyyyeeeaaahhhh!”

4th – 6th steps coming soon

the Sway

The sway is a subtle move that can be used to throw off your opponent’s timing. It’s also a great way to get the most distance from your fruit.

The sway consists of holding down on the screen, then quickly moving it left or right before releasing. This will cause you to shift gently in one direction and then back again.

Slice with conviction.

You’ll get the most distance from your fruit when you slice with conviction. The game tells you to slice at the screen, but it doesn’t tell you how hard or fast to slice. I’ve found that if you’re not confident in your ability to literally slice a piece of fruit in half, then it makes sense that the fruit would only fly halfway across the screen before falling down again. However, if you believe in yourself and have faith in your own abilities without regard for any other opinions on this matter, then there’s no reason why one shouldn’t go full throttle on their slices.

the two-handed twist of fate.

You can use both hands to spin the fruit, but only if you’re twisting your wrists. The goal is to keep your hands and arms as still as possible while spinning the fruit with your wrists. If you try to do this with just one hand, the blade will hit the back of your finger, because that’s where it’s going if you don’t move it otherwise.

While there is no wrong way to hold a single orange or lemon (as long as it has no seeds), using two hands is preferable for most fruits because it gives more surface area for cutting and also helps prevent accidents when slicing through hard outer shells like coconuts or pineapples

Zen mode is not the place to experiment.

Zen mode is a great place to practice new techniques you want to try out. It’s also a good place to get used to the controls of the game, but it should not be used as a testing ground for new techniques or strategies.

The reason why this is our #1 tip is because in Zen mode there are no points involved. You can easily spend several hours practicing something that may not work at all, and then have nothing to show for it when attempting that same maneuver in Arcade Mode where points are on the line!

With these Fruit Ninja tips, you’ll be a three-star master in no time

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment
  • Don’t be afraid to fail
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help


We hope our uncensored Fruit Ninja tips and tricks have been helpful to you. Just remember that practice really does make perfect, so keep at it! The more you play and the more familiar you become with the mechanics of the game, the better your performance will be. And if you ever get stuck? All those practice days will make all the difference in getting through a particular challenge, or passing that one level that has always been a hurdle for you. So don’t give up—and see how much fun being an expert can be!

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