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Minecraft Story Mode is a collaborative experience where players make choices about how their story will unfold. The first episodes are now available for the Xbox One® and Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®4, Windows PC, Mac and iOS and Android devices. In celebration of this new release, we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process that went into Minecraft Story Mode.

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Coming Soon!

In this blog post, we will be discussing the development of Minecraft Story Mode.

The First Steps

When the idea of Minecraft Story Mode first began, it was pretty much just Jesse and some other members of Mojang talking about what we wanted to do with the game. So many people were involved in this project, but we all had our own ideas of what the game should be like. We gave each person a chance to talk about their hopes for Minecraft Story Mode, and then went home and thought about what we had heard. This part was really important because it helped us understand how others felt about this idea before we even started working on it.

This is Your Story

“What if you could be the hero of your own story?” It’s a question we asked ourselves from the very beginning of Story Mode. In Minecraft: Story Mode, you play as Jesse—a male or female character who can be customized to look like almost any kind of person you can imagine. Want to play as a boy with long hair and a ponytail? Go for it! Want to play as a girl with short hair? You can do that too! With all these options available, how did we decide what type of character would star in our game? That’s where our talented artists come in—here’s one of their stories:

Minecraft Fans

Minecraft fans are a huge part of the game. They’re incredibly passionate about Minecraft and they get very creative with it. They love to make things with the game, and they love to share their creations online. They also play the game a lot, but there’s something special about talking about Minecraft—it’s not just playing it anymore; now people are talking about playing it. It has become something you can be part of by discussing it with others on social media, at meetups, or in forums like Reddit or Twitter.

Inspiration for Creating the Story

When we first started planning for Minecraft: Story Mode, we didn’t want to just create another story about a hero saving the world from an evil villain. We wanted something deeper than that. Something more personal and relatable. We wanted our players to know that they don’t need to be some kind of superhero or demi-god in order to make a difference in someone else’s life.

We started looking at our own lives for inspiration. What were some pivotal moments where you changed someone else’s life? What did those moments teach you about yourself? How did those experiences shape who you are today? In this way, we hope that players can learn what it feels like when they change someone’s life or how it feels when someone changes theirs as well!

The story is named “A New Order” because our goal was always to tell a tale that would inspire people with new ideas and perspectives on their own daily lives – not just once but several times throughout each episode!

Writing and Directing the Adventure

In addition to creating the story, we also had to create all of the characters, environments and music. We also did a lot of voice acting, sound effects and cutscenes. The game has puzzles and minigames (which are like games inside of a game) as well as collectibles that you can find during play time.

The Making of a Minecon Panel

We were all very excited about the first Minecon panel. It was a hugely important milestone for us, from a fan-facing perspective. Fans were coming from all over the world to see this panel, and it meant a lot to them that we would be there too. We knew that our fans would want to hear directly from us about the game’s development process and what it’s like working at Telltale Games.

We also knew it was important for us to do right by those who came out in support of our company, so we spent some time making sure that every detail of this panel felt like an authentic part of their experience. We wanted everyone who attended or watched online to feel as if they saw something special—something that could only have happened at Minecon.

The result was an incredible performance by voice actor Ashley Johnson as she followed along with her character Jesse’s journey through Minecraft: Story Mode’s first episode while improvising dialogue based on real-time feedback from fans and panelists alike!

It was truly one of those moments where everything just clicked into place perfectly; you could feel how much passion everyone involved had for their work during those fantastic few minutes when everything went off without a hitch!

Here is a first look at creating Minecraft Story Mode.

Now, you can read about the making of Minecraft Story Mode.

In this section we have interviews with developers and artists to find out what it was like making the game. In addition, there is a blog where you can learn new things about the series and its creation as we post updates on our progress.


We’re excited to share more with you about the making of Minecraft Story Mode. Stay tuned for part 2!

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