New Player? Here’s How To Get Ahead in Your First 3 Hours of Gameplay


I’ve been playing online games like World of Warcraft for years, but I still remember what it was like the first time I dove into that vast and mysterious world. It can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to gaming! That’s why we put together this list of seven actionable tips and tricks to help you get a smooth start to your virtual life as an elf bard or whatever else tickles your fancy.

Create a new character on a Saturday.

As a new player, you’ll want to create a character on Saturday. That’s because it’s the best day to start playing a game and getting ahead in your first three hours of gameplay.

Why? Because it’s the most likely time for all these positive things to happen:

  • You’re likely to have more free time on Saturdays than any other day of the week. This means you’ll be able to play longer without being interrupted by work or schoolwork or other responsibilities.
  • You’re also likely to have more energy on Saturdays, so you can go out and do something exciting like running in place for 30 minutes before sitting down at your computer desk with a cold glass of water and getting started on whatever game is available in this particular genre at this particular moment (with no distractions from Netflix).

Make sure to create your character during the right time of day in your game.

When creating a new character in your game, make sure to do it during the right time of day. This can be extremely important for your gameplay experience.

Time of day is important for your game affect performance and gameplay, as well as how you interact with other players.

For example: if you’re playing at night and see another player who has just logged into the game, they’ll probably be tired, so don’t annoy them or they might start to hate you!

Set aside three hours of uninterrupted time to get started.

Once you’ve decided to take the plunge and download the game, make sure you set aside three hours of uninterrupted time to get started. It’s important that you avoid distractions while playing your first few hours. If there are potential distractions in your home or work space, remove them. Turn off phones, don’t play when tired or hungry (or angry), and don’t play when drunk (seriously).

The last thing a new player needs is for their first experience with Armello to be interrupted by an incoming text message or phone call. You should also make sure that if someone knocks on your door during gameplay – whether that be someone at home wanting something from the store across town or friends coming over after work – they’ll have somewhere else to go until after their three hours is up!

Choose your class carefully.

After you have chosen your server, you will be able to log into the game and start playing. Before you do this, I would recommend taking a look at what class is offered on that server. Many games have multiple classes or factions to choose from, but only one of them will be available for free players (f2p). If you don’t like the group of classes available or don’t like how they work together in combat, then this can be frustrating for new players.

You should also consider what type of player experience you want to have before choosing a class. Some games are more action-oriented with lots of combat and quests where as others focus more on building cities or crafting items. This may sound like an obvious tip; however, it can sometimes lead people astray if they pick up a game that doesn’t match their style. For example: If all I wanted was some downtime after work then maybe I wouldn’t mind spending my first few hours building houses instead of killing monsters!

Do the first quests.

  • Don’t skip the first quests.
  • Do the first quests.

I know what you’re thinking: why would I want to do those boring, easy quests? You just got here, and these are things that everyone else has done a hundred times before! This is the classic “red pill or blue pill” dilemma. The red pill will allow you to keep living in blissful ignorance of just how far behind you are compared to other players who have already finished their first five or ten hours of gameplay (and probably several dozen more). The blue pill is actually more like an orange pill – it doesn’t look like much at first glance but once we start taking it together with some other ingredients (like some patience), we might end up with something pretty special…

Don’t bother with crafting professions right away.

Crafting professions are not important for new players.

They’re useful at higher levels, but most people will find themselves with some extra cash and nothing to spend it on. Also, crafting items take up space in your inventory that could be used for other items. Crafting also isn’t as profitable as selling gear or gear modifications.

If you want to start a crafting profession, it’s best to wait until you’ve reached level 20-25 before doing so (or when the game offers an incentive like discounted materials).

Find a friend!

You, like me, were probably a little unsure about how to get started in this huge world. You see, it’s easy to feel lost when you’re thrown into a game without any context or guidance. But wait! Don’t worry—I’m here for you.

As a veteran player of MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online role playing games), I’ve learned that one of the best ways to make your first experiences as fun and rewarding as possible is by finding friends who can help you along the way. The good news? There are plenty of ways to do this! Here are some suggestions:

  • Find a friend who already plays the game and ask them if they’d like to play together
  • Join an existing guild or group of players on Discord (a text-based messaging service) and meet up with them in-game
  • Join one of many groups on Discord dedicated solely to helping newbies learn how things work

A blog about your game newbie experience.

A blog about your game newbie experience.

It’s actually super important that you get started by playing for at least three hours uninterrupted. The world is going to be so much easier to navigate, and the game will feel a lot more natural if you start at the beginning and let yourself progress naturally through those first few hours.

  • Choose your class carefully! At this point in time, there are nine playable classes in Guild Wars 2: elementalist, engineer, guardian, necromancer, ranger, thief (melee), warrior (melee), revenant (a hybrid of engineer and necromancer) and druid (healer). I would recommend choosing a profession that has one of these traits: healer or support DPSer. You can also play as a tank or damage dealer but it’s always best to have someone who can heal up when needed so choose wisely! If you want more info on each profession check out this link here http://www.guildwars2hub…-professions/


I hope these tips have been helpful and that they inspire you to make the most out of your first few hours in game. I’ve tried to offer as much advice as possible without spoiling too much of what makes games like this so engrossing and fun. And remember, above all else… have fun!

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