Hot or Not? Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to the world of Hot or Not? Frequently Asked Questions: A how-to blog about the new candy crush

How do I start a new game?

To start a new game, tap the Start button in the top-left corner of your screen. You can then choose to play a level or continue playing from where you left off, and then pick between playing on Easy or Hard difficulty levels.

Alternatively, you can create a new game by tapping New Game at any time during gameplay.

How do I choose a candy color to make a match?

To make a match, select the candy color you want to match. If you cannot do this, sometimes you can use two colors but not all three at once. If you want to match four colors, then it is recommended that your best option is to match one color with another square of the same size and shape. However, if your goal is only to make a pair of matching colors (for example: red and green) it’s probably better just pick “any” candy with those colors on them – any time there isn’t enough room for both pieces in one location at once).

There are several ways that this could work:

  • You can press down multiple times until there’s enough space for all possible moves left over from previous attempts;
  • You can press “down” once so all possible moves have been exhausted before going back up again; or
  • Just try pressing down twice instead of once so as many potential matches are made as quickly possible!

How can I set up the game on multiple devices?

You can play Candy Crush on multiple devices. To set up your game on another device, start by logging in to your Facebook account from the app where you’re currently playing. Then, tap More > Settings and select Account Info. Here you’ll be able to use the “Add Another Device” option to add a new device (e.g., tablet).

Please note that if you have multiple Facebook accounts associated with the same email address and/or phone number, it will prevent you from adding more than one device unless one of those accounts is removed from Settings first before adding a new account.

If none of these solutions work for you, please contact us directly at [email protected]

What are some good strategies for winning the game?

One of the best ways to score big is by using a shuffle button. This will get rid of all the candy you don’t want, so it’s important that you think about what flavors are in your mix. If there are too many colors or flavors in your mix, use a shuffle button to change them up and see if it helps!

What sorts of things can I find in the mystery box?

When you open the mystery box, you’ll be able to find a variety of different items. These include boosters, extra moves and special candies.

By using these helpful tools, you can help yourself win the game. Or if your friends are playing Candy Crush Saga and need help with one of their levels, you can share them with them as well! You can buy mystery boxes with coins or diamonds—but remember that they’re not always available at all times; sometimes they’ll appear randomly in the middle of gameplay and other times only if certain goals have been met first (like clearing all levels or completing specific challenges).

How does the community leaderboard work?

The leaderboard is a list of all the players who have played the game. It’s divided into two sections: local and global.

The local leaderboard shows the top players in your area (the city, town or county where you live). You can see how many points they’ve scored and when they last played. If there are no other players near you on this leaderboard, then it won’t show any information about them at all – just their username (which may be their real name).

The global leaderboard shows the top players from around the world! This section will show basic information about each player such as how many points they’ve scored and when they last played but not any personal details such as their full name or address unless it’s been entered by them into their account settings first..

Find out how to use these helpful tricks for your next Candy Crush Saga!

  • Get the most out of your game.
  • Make the most of your match-3 experience with these helpful tricks:

o Use the community leaderboard to see how you stack up with other players around the world, or keep track of where you stand in a specific level.

o Collecting stars gives you access to a mystery box that can give you special items and power-ups—but only if you get three stars on each level! Plus, when enough people collect enough stars, everyone gets stuff too! If someone beats your score but doesn’t get 3 stars for some reason (like if they’re stuck), their star count will be converted into coins for everyone else who has reached that point in their journey through Candy Crush Saga. That way everyone wins!

o You can also buy boosters to help make it easier for yourself if things get tough. They come at a price though so use them wisely–and don’t forget to check back often because new ones are always being added!


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