TUG Officially Greenlit!


Several weeks ago, Nerd Kingdom took to Steam Greenlight for their new game: TUG.  As it stands now, TUG‘s greenlight campaign is a complete success. Valve has officially reached out to to the developers over at Nerd Kingdom to get the ball rolling on releasing the game on Steam.

TUG is a mixture of many different genres: survival, sandbox, and multiplayer RPG  combined with a simplistic and an emphasis on player freedom.  The game is still in development and, presently, has only two modes of gameplay: Creative and Survival.  Creative mode allows players to explore the games unique 13 biomes, craft items, gather resources, and dig into the terrain.  Survival modes allows players to utilize the game’s combat systems on other players in PVP battles.

To learn more about this game or how to join the Alpha, visit Nerd Kingdom’s official site or check out the game on Steam Greenlight.

[Source: Games press, Steam Greenlight]

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