Top Tips For First Time Super Mario Run Players


Super Mario Run is a fun and addictive game once you get the hang of it. There are so many secrets to discover! You’ll come across all sorts of cool places, people, and things as you play Super Mario Run. After you’ve played for a while, though you’ll have plenty of experience to draw on for future games. Check out our top ten tips for new players:

Collect toads when you can.

Collect toads when you can.

Toads are found throughout the game and can be used to purchase things like extra lives, more coins, and power-ups from Toadette. They’re also a great way to get more coins as you play.

If a level is too difficult, leave it be.

If a level is too difficult, don’t waste your time on it. If a level is too easy and you want to keep going, then fine.

Don’t worry about the score. This game doesn’t rely on scores for anything important other than unlocking different characters and additional courses, so your score isn’t as important as in other games like Tetris or Super Mario Bros 3 (the only other games where I’ve ever cared about my score).

Don’t worry about coins either because they’re not useful either; there are no power-ups or boosts that require coins to use them, so they’re just another way of keeping track of how far into the game you are. Collecting them isn’t necessary at all. Additionally, while decorations may seem like they’d be useful since they attract Toads to build up your kingdom’s population – but since Toads aren’t needed for anything outside of collecting 100 coins every time one appears in order to unlock new levels (and these are unlocked by completing certain objectives in previous levels), decoration placement isn’t important either!

If this sounds discouraging…don’t worry! There’s still plenty left over from those three tips which can definitely help anyone who wants to do better at playing this game:

Fill out the Kingdom Builder as much as you can.

As you play through the game, you’ll be able to unlock new features and items that help you get through levels. You can use these things to make your Kingdom Builder even better.

You can buy things that will help you win levels like cannons and other items to help you defeat enemies. You can also buy decorations for your castle and characters that look like Mario or Luigi!

If there’s one thing we want every player of Super Mario Run to know, it’s this: Your Kingdom Builder is yours—you’re free to decorate it any way that makes sense for your needs (and preferences). The same goes for the rest of the game—welcome home!

Watch your coins while you’re playing a course.

While you’re playing a course, you can spend your coins on extra lives and decorations for the stage. However, we recommend not spending any of your coins on these items. Extra lives are helpful in case you die unexpectedly, but if you keep playing the game normally and focus on collecting as many coins as possible over time, then it’s likely that your first few rounds will be enough to cover those situations where an extra life would come in handy. The same applies for decorations: they’re nice additions to a level, but they don’t make much difference aside from adding some visual flair to the game’s aesthetics.

The only thing we’d recommend spending money on while playing courses is Toad Rally tickets—but even this should be done sparingly (more information can be found below).

The easier courses hold the most coins.

The first thing to know is that the easier courses hold the most coins. The more coins you collect, the more you can spend on decorations and expanding your kingdom. You might be thinking that it’s better to go for harder stages because they give you more points, but this isn’t always true. You may lose a lot of lives trying to beat these stages without spending any coins on power ups or extra lives. On top of losing lives, you are also not getting as many coins as possible by not using power ups or extra lives!

The second tip is to remember what power ups do in each level. For example, if there are no enemies around when you jump into an area with lots of coins then it would be wise for me not use my super ring until I am ready for them (or just wait until later). It’s also important for me not use my dash ability unless necessary since its main purpose is avoiding enemies which can get annoying when trying to collect all those precious shiny gems!

Finally we have arrived at our third tip: remember what abilities each character has so that when playing with them next time around (like Luigi who needs only one tap instead of two)

Perfecting those little jumps is essential!

This is the most important tip of all. If you want to be good at Super Mario Run, you need to practice! Practice makes perfect! And it doesn’t even have to be in the game itself—I’ve found that best way to improve my skills is by simply walking around and jumping as high as I can when there are no obstacles in my way. When I’m playing the game, it helps me get used to how far I can jump so that I’ll know when it’s safe for me or not!

There’s nothing wrong with just using this technique; it might seem silly at first, but once you do it enough times and get used to how far your jumps travel anyway? You’ll feel like a pro!

Don’t waste your coins on decorations. Save them for the castle’s expansions.

Decorations are a waste of coins. You can pick up decorations for your kingdom, but they don’t do anything to help your score or make the game easier. Focus on expanding your castle and upgrading it with new rooms instead of buying decorations for the grounds.

The castle upgrades are the best way to improve your score, so as long as you have enough coins saved up (at least 300-400), focus on purchasing these upgrades over anything else. They’ll give you an immediate boost in points and allow you to level up faster than if you’d bought decorations instead!

Beat the tougher levels again and again.

In the video game Super Mario Run, there are a variety of different levels. Some of them are easy, but some require more effort and practice. The more you play the harder levels and continue to beat them, the better you will get at playing them. You may not be able to beat that level just yet, but if you keep practicing at it over and over again then eventually you will be able to do it – and even better than before!

Practice makes permanent: If we learn something incorrectly it is much harder to correct than if we learned it correctly in the first place. Therefore, if we practice doing something incorrectly multiple times over time then eventually our brain starts to remember how we did that movement incorrectly so that when faced with doing something similar again (like playing video games) our brain remembers how wrong its previous attempt was rather than repeating those bad habits again!!

Reach for those flying coins! You can get them with a little patience and focus.

You can get those Flying Coins! Just remember to move your finger in a straight line and not worry about the other coins, characters, or obstacles. It’s going to take practice and patience, but once you get used to it, it’ll be second nature. And don’t forget to smile for the camera—you’re on candid camera!

Keep practicing, and don’t be afraid to return to earlier levels to improve your score!

When you first play the game, you may feel like you’re getting nowhere. But don’t give up! Practice makes perfect — and a good score doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to be a high-scoring player, it’s all about practicing as much as possible, so that when you return to earlier levels (and get better at them), your skills will improve dramatically and make it easier for you to reach a higher score.


Super Mario Run is a game with universal appeal, but for first-time players, it can be really hard to know where to start. We hope that our tips have helped you feel more confident about diving into the thrilling world of Super Mario! Whether you’re taking your time on the easy courses or performing back flips on the harder ones, racing through the levels and collecting coins is a good way to use your time. Remember that there’s no shame in returning to earlier levels to improve your score while you practice, and don’t forget that Toad Rally can be a great confidence-booster when you’re feeling overwhelmed. With these tips as your guide, we wish you a fun, safe journey through the Mushroom Kingdom!

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