Things to do Before Minecraft Comes to PS4


Are you a gamer looking forward to playing Minecraft on the Playstation 4? Maybe you’ve got it pre-ordered, or maybe you’re just still waiting until it drops on the 27th. Either way, if you have a Minecraft account and play regularly, there are some important steps that need to be taken before moving your world over to PS4. If you’re wondering how exactly this is going to work, we have some good news: Sony has made provisions for transferring your old worlds (and characters) into the new platform. However, it can be tricky to know where to start and what needs doing first. To help make this process easier, I’ve put together a list of things that you can do right now in order to prepare for the release of Minecraft on PS4.

With Minecraft PS4 releasing on the 27th of this month, a lot of us are going to be trying to merge our worlds to our new Sony platforms.

With Minecraft PS4 releasing on the 27th of this month, a lot of us are going to be trying to merge our worlds to our new Sony platforms. This can be done by linking your account from Xbox One or Nintendo Switch to the PlayStation Network (PSN). What most people don’t know is that this process could cause a lot of problems with your Minecraft account and you might end up losing hours of progress.

There are many benefits to merging your world with PSN but there are also risks involved as well. By knowing what these risks are beforehand you will be able to make an informed decision about whether or not merging worlds is right for you. The process itself is pretty easy; however there may be times where it doesn’t go smoothly and thus I recommend doing some prep work before hand such as backing up all data files on an external hard drive or cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox so that if something goes wrong later on down the line then at least we’ll know what happened and how it may have been avoided altogether in future attempts at merging worlds across multiple devices/operating systems which could potentially lead into problems within other areas such as security vulnerabilities due lackadaisical behavior when performing tasks involving sensitive information such as bank accounts information etcetera…

Where do you start? Thankfully, we’ve done all the leg work for you. Follow these steps to ensure that you’re prepared to merge your worlds and prevent yourself from losing all of your hard work.

Once you’ve done all of that, it’s time to start fresh! The first thing you should do is get rid of any items on your account that could cause bugs in the new game. This includes anything that has been corrupted or glitched out, such as items with missing textures (like diamonds). You can also delete any mods that don’t work well with the latest version of Minecraft or those which may be causing issues. To do this, go into Options and select ‘Delete Modded Content’ at the bottom of the menu.

Next up, transfer all your creations over to a new world where they won’t be deleted when you merge worlds on PS4. You should also consider investing in an Xbox Live Gold subscription if you plan on playing online regularly: while PSN accounts are free and unlimited when it comes to offline multiplayer modes like Survival Mode and Creative Mode (as long as they’re not being played across different devices), Xbox Live Gold memberships grant access to online multiplayer modes such as Battle Mode – meaning if your friends play Fortnite on PS4 but have membership subscriptions too then they’ll still be able to play against each other even after merging worlds!

Finally make sure there’s enough storage space left over for yourself: depending on how many worlds/servers were merged together there might only be a few gigabytes available so make sure this isn’t going above what’s needed before continuing onward into gameplay.”

1. Get rid of items that can crash the game

  • Get rid of items that can crash the game

The first thing you’ll want to do before transferring your account to Minecraft PS4 is remove any items that could possibly cause a server crash or client crash. There are three main types of items that will cause this problem:

  • Crashes related to item ID numbers
  • Crashes related to item custom names (like “my_cool_sword”)
  • Crashes related to item attributes, like fire resistance

2. Transfer your creations to a new world

If you want to keep your creations in the game, you’ll have to transfer them over to a new world. To do this, go into the main menu and select “Options.” From there, choose “Open Worlds.” Click on the world you want to import your stuff into and click “Import.” This may take some time depending on how much inventory space is available in your new world.

3. Consider investing in an Xbox Live Account subscription

PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players will need an Xbox Live account to play online on their respective consoles. If you’re playing on PC or Mac using our dedicated Minecraft launcher then there’s no need for an Xbox Live account as we provide everything you need in-game (don’t worry though – the game itself is still identical).

If you’re a PS4 player and haven’t got an Xbox Live subscription already then it’s worth getting one now before merging worlds as they can be purchased through Amazon or Microsoft directly. You’ll also need to download the Minecraft: PS4 Edition game data from your library before it gets merged into our servers which may take some time depending on its size

4. Make sure you have enough space for your worlds

If you don’t have enough space, you might be forced to delete some of the worlds that are on your account. This can be a tough choice, since you’ve probably spent hours playing in each world and making it home away from home. One way around this is to download them onto an external hard drive or memory card before merging worlds.

If you’re using PlayStation Plus, then all of these options are available for free! You can also get cloud storage for as little as $20 per year ($40 if paid monthly) which is perfect for storing lots of data offline so that your computer doesn’t crash when loading large files into Minecraft (like maps).

Do your best to prepare for transferring your Minecraft world and make sure you have everything saved properly before you begin the process

It’s a good idea to make sure everything is saved properly before you begin the process. If you’ve been playing for a few years, chances are there are a lot of items and creations that will be lost in the transfer. It would be sad if those things were not able to be transferred over from your old account to your new one.

Make sure you have all of your achievements backed up and ready for when they’re awarded again on PS4! If anything else gets deleted by accident during the transfer, at least this way it won’t take away from any hard work that has been put into them so far (it’s happened before). Having everything backed up means that when worlds merge back together again on PS4, everything will still be intact and ready for use in future games – both online and offline modes alike!


There are a lot of steps and considerations to take into account before you transfer your Minecraft world. It’s pretty easy if you have an Xbox Live Account, but it can still be kind of daunting if you don’t know what steps to take first. In any case, just make sure that you follow each step listed in this article and try not to panic—the process is pretty straightforward once everything is done correctly. Good luck!

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