Luna: Shattered Hearts Is Up On Kickstarter

Independent developer Gillis Games’ title Luna: Shattered Hearts is turning to Kickstarter in hopes to reach the $8,000 goal to complete it. At this current time, backers have pledged over $1,500 and the team still has twenty days to go.

Luna: Shattered Hearts is a 2D side-scrolling title that tells the epic tales of two characters as they embark on a journey. It is during this journey that the duo will change from the self centered criminals they are to heroic team that is ready to set up and help others. The artwork for the backgrounds and cutscenes are entirely hand-drawn.

Regardless of how much you pledge, backers will be granted access to a playable beta version that will be updated as progress is made on Luna: Shattered Hearts. While $8,000 is the main goal, Gillis Games also list what they’d work on with the title if they hit any of the other goals made. Below is a list of the stretch goals and what the develop will use the funds for.

Main Goals:


Create an Amazing Soundtrack for Luna (Dan Reynolds)
Hire Voice Actors to Enhance the Drama.
Create all Original Sound Effects (Dan Reynolds)
Purchase a Full Construct 2 Commercial License
Purchase 3 additional Commercial Construct 2 Licenses (See Kicking It Forward Below)
Cover Kickstarter Reward Incentives Program.
Add Salamander Sword (This is to make it fun!)

Stretch Goals:


A full featured website will be designed as a primary Luna portal
Create a purchasing Portal with the protected and embedded Game.
Create a forum for people to chat in.
Do our best attempt at “Player Leaderboards” showcasing rare items
Add a Developer Blog for me to share progress reports and news.
Step up our efforts with more voice actors and live players
This will help cover the website hosting costs.
If we don’t hit this goal we will still be making but it will take Chris and I a lot longer to create the website without funding.
If we hit the 15k goal Dan R. and I will be making a seamless/layered audio engine that is more dynamic.
Add Elf Blade (This is to make it fun!)


Expand Luna Landing Zone to be twice as big.
Develop a prototyping map editor so it is easier to plan out levels before committing so much time and effort to them in the mock up phase.
New Windows test rig (my current rig is Dated)
New Apple test rig (non-existent)
Iphone Developer License
1 year subscription to “Adobe Creative Cloud.”
ZBRUSH for rapid posing / prototyping rock structures and backgrounds
Repair Cintiq 12WX (Need new 12WX Video control unit PLB03, PLB-03)
I will also be using the funds for advertising through Google Ads, iAds, Deviant art Shiny Ads, etc.
I would also like to hire an accountant.
Potential for adding another artist.
Add Fox Sword (This is to make it fun!)

100k and Beyond?

Potential for full time work on Luna! (The world will grow a lot faster!) It would certainly be a dream to work on Luna full time. I have so many ideas for this game. If I could work on it full time it could become something more. It could reach its full potential. This is a long shot but I thought I would at least list it.
Major Game Engine Overhaul
I want to make this game epicly huge. The only way I can do this is if I can work on it full time for a few years.
Add Doom Gate! (This is to make it fun!)

If Luna: Shattered Hearts seems interesting to you, be sure to visit the title’s Kickstarter page and pledge some money. From what I’ve seen, this looks to be a promising title.

[Source: Kickstarter]

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