Charge Your Mobile Device With The Power Tap Charger

I will admit that while this isn’t solely gaming-related, everyone who owns a smartphone or other mobile device knows that it will need charging at some point. And while the included chargers do their job, sometimes you might want something different. The Power Tap charger looks quirky and offers a kind of nifty feature in which you can use the knob to turn off the charge to the mobile device.

Shaped like a water spigot, the Power Tap charger works like any other universal charger. You plug in the USB cord and twist the knob to turn it on. A blue light displays to let you know that the device is charging while a red light lets you know it’s in standby.

Currently, you can purchase the Power Tap charger from the Aero store’s website for $27.50. I think that if you want something quirky to charge your mobile device but don’t want something bulky, this might be an interesting purchase.

[Source: Thumbs Up!]

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