Your 4 Definitive Consoles for the Summer


We’ve all been in that situation. You’re just trying to talk to the fine folks at your local electronics store, but you’re bombarded by questions like “Which console should I get?” and “What’s the difference between them?”. Well, it turns out that there are many answers to these questions! And since summer is a great time for gaming, we figured it would be a good idea to walk through each of them in order to help you pick what works best for you. So let’s dive right in!

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console. That is, it’s a home console and a handheld console. As such, you can play it anywhere—in bed or on your couch, at the gym or at work—as long as you have enough battery life (up to 6 hours) or bring an AC adapter for the dock. You can also use it anywhere in the house by simply removing its Joy-Con controllers from the sides of the tablet-style controller and holding them in either hand like any other game controller.

But perhaps what makes this device so special is that it’s also socially interactive: You can play with anyone who has their own Nintendo Switch! You can share screens when split-screen gaming or even see other people playing in augmented reality mode without needing a camera peripheral like Microsoft HoloLens has required before now.

PlayStation 4

But the best console for gaming is not always the best console for everything. You might need something else if you’re looking to play with friends and family, especially if you have kids or teens in your family. That’s where the PlayStation 4 comes in.

It’s easy to get started. Once it’s out of the box and set up, it’ll connect with your TV through HDMI cable and be ready to play within minutes. It has a good selection of games that are fun for everyone—from classics like The Last of Us Remastered (rated T) to newer titles such as Horizon: Zero Dawn (rated M).

Xbox One

The Xbox One has a large selection of games, movies, TV shows and music. Its price is high but if you are looking for the complete package, this is the console to pick. The biggest advantage of the Xbox One over its competitors is that it can be used as a media center with apps such as Netflix and HuluPlus built into the system. You also have access to many other streaming services through your cable provider or other apps like Spotify.

Steam Machine

A Steam Machine is a PC that lets you play games from your living room. It’s not exactly a console, but it’s not exactly a traditional desktop or laptop computer either. A Steam Machine is designed to be both at once: it can run Windows games just as well and easily as it can play the thousands of titles available through Valve’s digital distribution platform, Steam.

Steam Machines are Linux-based computers running Valve Software’s own operating system, SteamOS. Designed primarily for gaming purposes — hence the name — they’re meant to give players access to their entire library of digital games while freeing them from having to lug around giant monitors or keyboards in order to get those games on their TVs.

A good game console can make the summer more fun.

Summer is a great time to relax and enjoy the weather. It’s also a great time to play video games.

If you’re looking for a good console to play with your friends and family, there are many options available at affordable prices. You can find these consoles in stores like Target, Walmart, Amazon and GameStop. You’ll be able to get an excellent game experience without breaking the bank!


Each of these consoles has its own unique pros and cons. To help you decide which one is best for you and your family, we created an interactive quiz that will match you with your perfect summer console.

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