Xbox 360 Sting Catches Corrupt Police Chief

Former East St. Louis police Chief Michael Baxton was caught stealing Xbox 360s in an FBI sting operation. Baxton was suspected of stealing/selling items that were in the evidence locker which led to the FBI sting.

The agents purchased five Xb0x 360s (Microsoft thanks you), and placed them in a trunk of a car which they then reported stolen. Baxton and another policeman responded to the call and when Baxton saw the five Xbox 360s, he ordered the officer to place four in the Chief’s car and to keep one for himself. What Baxton didn’t know was that officer was equipped with a camera and the whole thing was caught on tape.

They later tracked one of the 360s to Baxton’s basement, at which point the police Chief lied about the Xbox and attempted to frame another officer.  Apparently before becoming the Chief he faced felony convictions in 1982 for theft and burglary, the convictions were expunged in 1989. He became the Police Chief when the former Chief of East St. Louis was convicted of federal tax crimes. Baxton faces up to 15 years in prison and a fine of up to $500,000. All of this for an Xbox 360 that he could have gotten for $200, hilarious!

[Source: Yahoo]

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