Vita Cost $160 To Manufacture

According to a recent report from UBM Tech Insights, Sony might actually be making money from each Vita sold.  Sony has in the past, bore losses per console sold.

While the Vita will retail for $250 (Wi-Fi only) at launch in the United States,UBM Tech Insights has estimated the value of the parts at $160.  The Nintendo 3DS also launched at a price of $250, packing an estimated $100 worth of hardware inside.

During its inspection, Tech Insight noted “the Playstation Vita is of great interest because it is the first portable computing device (apart from laptops) to incorporate a custom quad-core ARM-based processor.”  Some major companies are working with Sony’s PlayStation Vita and opening up the portable will reveal major components from Toshiba, Qualcomm, Avago and IBM.

The PS Vita releases on February 15 in a bundle for $350, and stand-lone systems can be purchased February 22 in the United States.

[Source:UBM Tech Insight, IGN]

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