THQ Not Giving up the Ghost in 2014

Over the weekend rumors surfaced that THQ would be wiping their 2014 slate of games, as well as ceasing development of their upcoming MMO Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millenium Online.  According to THQ this is not the case.  The rumor began because of what Kevin Dent said on his Twitter feed.  Dent is a video game industry consultant.  He claimed he had insider knowledge regarding those changes coming to THQ.

THQ has come out and stated that they are not canceling there lineup for 2014 and are continuing to expand into attractive markets.  The publisher has several deals out with a few interesting people including movie director Guillermo del Toro and former Team Ninja head Tomonobu Itagaki.  So far they have had record sales with Saints Row: The Third and the sales for WWE ’12 are up as well.

If those rumors had ended up being true, what would have that meant for THQ? The end of a publisher trying to keep up in a competitive market?  You have both Activision and EA battling for dominance with the likes of Madden, Battlefield and Call of Duty.  Whatever the case is, THQ has struggled to maintain relevance in today’s video game market.  If they can keep putting out titles like Saints Row: The Third, than they may just be able to stick around.

[Source: Gamasutra]

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