The Story of First Video Game Ever


Way back when, video games were the stuff of science fiction. Now, they’re a multi-billion-dollar industry that employs thousands of people and appeals to millions of players around the world. But how did it all start? Where did video games come from? And what was the first video game ever made?

The First Video Game Ever: History

The first video game ever created was Tennis for Two, a game that simulated tennis using oscilloscope. The creator of this arcade game was William Higinbotham, an American physicist from Brookhaven National Laboratory in Long Island.

Higinbotham developed the first tennis video game on October 18th 1958 and he presented it at a public demonstration at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York City. From that day onwards, he started working with Ralph Baer (another scientist) and they both tried to improve their invention until 1967 when they released an improved version called Computer Space which had some extra features such as being able to shoot missiles at space invaders during gameplay! This became one of the most popular games back then because it was so simple but also very fun.

The First Computer Game Ever: Tennis for Two

The game, Tennis for Two, was an analog computer game created by William Higinbotham in 1958. It was the first game to use a video display to play a game. The game was created to show off the capabilities of the oscilloscope.

Tennis for Two simulates two players at a tennis court hitting back and forth on an oscilloscope screen with their rackets. Each player can hit or return; there is no doubles play. Players can choose from one of three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard (which corresponds to distances between players that are increasingly farther apart). The ball speed changes depending on which difficulty level is chosen; if you’re playing at easy speed and you misjudge your swing, it might be too much time before you have another chance! If successful at returning balls successfully without missing more often than not then you may even get some bonus points awarded!

The First Arcade Game Ever: Galaxy Game and Computer Space

The first arcade game ever made was the Galaxy Game. This was a black-and-white video game that ran on an analog computer and featured a single screen with a few moving objects. The player would control one of these objects by using a dial to rotate it 90 degrees at a time.

The first real arcade game though was Computer Space, which was also an analog computer that played black-and-white games in 1971. (This is where the term “arcade” originates; it means “an area where you can play games”.) It had its own cabinet design, which included two gun controllers so players could shoot at each other! There were many variations of this game released over time since then, including one called Spacewar!

How Gaming Evolved

As you can see, the first video game was not just a simple game. There were many features that made it very complex and advanced. In fact, in the years to come, gaming evolved even more as new technology was developed and used in games.

For example, in 1973 when “Pong” was released by Atari Inc., there were two players playing against each other on separate screens. The player who won would get points based on how long they could keep their paddles moving without letting them hit one of those lines at the top or bottom of their screen (called “paddles”). It wasn’t until 1979 when another version of Pong called Breakout made its debut; this version had four different levels where each level got harder than the last one! This meant that players had to really get good at using their paddle because if they didn’t then they wouldn’t win anymore!

The history of video games is very interesting.

The history of video games is very interesting. The first video game ever made was a tennis game. It was on a computer, but it looked more like an old arcade game than the computer games we have today. The next one was also for computers, but it wasn’t just any kind: It was called Spacewar! and it was about space battles!

The first arcade game that came out after this new style of gaming (arcade games are ones that you play with coins) was Pong in 1972, which means there were only two types of arcade games at that point—tennis and space battles! But soon there were more types coming out all the time.


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