The Horror of Flappy Bird


Welcome to the world of flappy bird. It’s a place where dreams come true…and nightmares are born.

The Horror of Flappy Bird: A blog about how you can experience the horror of flappy bird.

The horror of flappy bird is a blog about how you can experience the horror of flappy bird.

The horrors of flappy bird, in general, are best experienced by playing it.

Learn more about the horror of flappy bird.

Learn more about the horror of flappy bird.

  • What is flappy bird?

Flappy bird is an online game that was created by a developer named Dong Nguyen in 2013. It’s very easy to play and has simple graphics, but the challenge makes it addictive for many people who have played it. The goal of this game is to guide a bird through obstacles without touching them or letting them touch you. If you do get hit by an obstacle, then it’s game over and you have to start over from the beginning again with another chance at beating your high score (or maybe just getting further than last time).

  • What is the horror of flappy bird?

You may not know that flappy bird can be scary when played at night or alone in your room (especially if you like playing games on your phone). Your mind starts imagining different scenarios where something bad could happen because there are no other sounds except those of tapping birds on screen…and sometimes these taps get really loud! Flappy birds are also very fast moving so they can leave our field of vision quickly which adds another layer of terror when we try playing this challenging game while being scared silly by these little creatures flying around us during their busy lives!

Hear from a flappy bird survivor.

The following is an account by the author of what it was like to play Flappy Bird:

I started playing Flappy Bird in the middle of a meeting at work. It was 10 minutes before I was supposed to talk about a project, and I thought, “Oh man, this meeting is lame.” So I just played Flappy Bird for about 20 minutes on my phone. Then I opened up my laptop and started talking about our project as if nothing had happened.

When the meeting ended and we were all getting up to leave, my colleague leaned over and said, “Hey man… did you just play that game during our presentation?” Everyone laughed except me because they knew how much trouble that would get me into with our boss who only wanted us to talk more about him than anything else (he said so himself). And even though everyone was laughing at me right now—and because of that—they actually listened carefully when he talked later in another meeting when everyone else didn’t want him doing any talking at all!

Play the game yourself.

If you’re still not convinced, download the game and give it a try for yourself. If you enjoy it, share your experience with others. Tell them about how scary the game is and try to beat your high score or the high scores of others on the leaderboards. You can even go after Dong Nguyen’s record high score if you want—it’s currently around 10 million! Or don’t do that if his terrible luck scares you too much to take part in this beautiful experiment that he created.

If anything else, remember this: Flappy Bird is a true work of art.

I survived flappy bird, and so can you!

You can survive flappy bird.

You don’t have to be crazy, or alone.

I’m a survivor of flappy bird, and I’ve been through some crazy things in my life. But you know what? I’m here with you today, sharing some tips on how we can all get through this together!


We hope you enjoyed reading about the horror of flappy bird. You can download the game for free on iOS and Android, but we recommend playing it in a bright room with friends around. Remember to take breaks when needed so that you don’t get too scared!

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