Once upon a time I was bored, and I decided to write a short game about snakes. Why not? It was fun.

Have you ever played the Snake game that came with an old Nokia phone? The snake moved around the screen, ate apples and got bigger. It’s simple but addictive! In this post I’m going to show you how to make your own Snake game. You don’t need any technical knowledge or special software. Just a web browser will do. So let’s get started!

It also eats its own tail.

The snake is not just a big fat snake that tries to eat as many apples as possible, it also eats its own tail.

This is not a normal thing for snakes to do. Snakes don’t usually digest their tails because they have no stomachs, so they can’t actually eat them. But this one does! And it’s really weird! And also kind of gross!

At first it seems fun, but becomes boring in a few seconds.

The game is not worth the time. It seems fun for a few seconds, but then it becomes boring and repetitive.

It’s not worth the effort. There are many other games that would be more entertaining and less of a waste of time than Snake: A game about a big fat snake that tries to eat as many apples as possible!

It’s not even worth playing for free! Snake: A game about a big fat snake that tries to eat as many apples as possible! might be free, but you will still have nothing to show for it after playing it because there are better alternatives out there in the App Store or Google Play Store.

The snake moves faster as it grows longer.

As the snake grows longer, it also grows faster. This makes sense: a longer body means more muscle to move around and bigger muscles are stronger than smaller ones. You will have to keep this in mind as you play Snake: A Game About a Big Fat Snake That Tries to Eat as Many Apples As Possible.

It’s a boring game, really.

It’s a boring game, really.

It’s not fun to play.

You shouldn’t play it.

It’s not a game or anything like that.

Don’t play snake.

You know what else isn’t fun? Snake.

Snake is not a game. It’s just an excuse to move things around on your screen in a way that doesn’t actually mean anything.

It’s boring, it has no goals and it doesn’t even look like you’re doing anything with the title screen!


We hope this game will bring hours of fun to your life.

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