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I have been playing skylanders since Giants and have loved each game that has come out. My favorite power class is bowslinger because I like the powers and variety of attacks. The new Skylander Imaginators are coming to the stores now! I saw them in GameStop yesterday and plan on getting one for Christmas! Not only do you get a special character, you also get a creation crystal which unlocks the power to create your very own skylander figure from your imagination! You can choose from over 200 different parts to make any kind of skylander imaginable! If you’re not into that, there are also other ways to upgrade your characters as well. Once you find magic or tech elemental chests, you can unlock armor and weapons for your characters as well. Now onto this month’s headlines:

Land, sky and water, the ultimate Skylanders adventure

The last few years have seen the rise of collectible physical toys that allow kids to bring their favorite video game characters into the real world. Skylanders are a great way for kids to get involved with gaming, but the newest addition imaginators takes things one step further and allows kids to create their own custom characters too! Now children ages 6-11 can make their own Skylander character with this easy-to-use kit.

Imaginator is perfect for young writers, artists and storytellers who want to create their own adventures using imagination! Kids will be able to add unique features like hats, hair styles and more onto their custom Skylanders using this set. There are also several accessories available such as vehicles so your child can take on different missions at home or on the road!

Imaginators are coming!

Skylanders Imaginators are coming!

What is a Skylander? They’re the characters that you’ll see in the game. You can use them to battle enemies and defeat Kaos, the bad guy. Each Skylander has their own unique abilities that help defeat Kaos and other evil figures. The newest entry into this series is called Skylanders Imaginators, which will be released on October 16th 2016. Imaginators are a new type of Skylander: they’re not just made up from some random parts or pieces; instead they’re made from your imagination! The way you play with them is by creating them yourself through a customization process called “imagineering”. There are many different parts available for players to choose from when making their own Imaginators, like hats, body types and weapons – whatever suits their fancy really!

What’s new in the Skylands?

Skylanders is a video game franchise that allows players to interact with physical toys, placing them on a portal device to bring them to life in the game. The first game was released in 2011, and since then it has been wildly popular among children ages 6-11.

This month, there are several new games available for fans of the franchise.

Skylanders SuperChargers – This is a racing game that allows players to choose from one of 20 different vehicles and race against other characters from across all of Skylands. There are also 30 new characters added this year!

Skylanders Imaginators – This is an adventure game where you can create your own digital character using parts from various characters in other games (or even your own toys). You’ll also be able to play as classic figures like Spyro and Trigger Happy as well as brand new ones like Icy Gear or Glow Bug!

Skylanders Academy Season 2 – This is another animated show based on the video games that tells stories about what happened before they were first released. In this season’s premiere episode “Crash Landing”, Crash Bandicoot travels by plane but crashes into Skylands during an annual festival known simply as “Festival”. Some things never change – but some do!

The new Skylander Masters

Skylanders Masters are the new Skylanders who can create Imaginators. These are the newest Skylanders in the game and they have their own versions of previous elements called Imaginite. The Imaginite powers up your existing Skylanders so you can use them in your adventures with no limit!

The Imaginators are also known as “Create Your Own Hero” because they allow players to create their own character using a variety of customization options including physical appearances, weapons, powers and names!

Skylanders have feelings too!

Did you know that Skylanders have feelings? They do! They have feelings about the world around them, what they see and hear. So much so, that many of them are considered to be depressed. Even though they don’t really look like it, their moods do change based on their environment. If you’ve played a game with multiple generations of skylanders you may notice that the newer ones seem more mature and serious than older ones. This is because they are able to understand more complex thoughts and emotions compared to older generations which lack these abilities due to lack of memory or just plain ignorance (their brains aren’t fully developed yet). The older generations often act out due to frustration over not being able to communicate effectively but once your child grows up enough he/she will begin communicating with other characters through speech bubbles in-game which allows communication between players across different platforms such as console or mobile device so long as there’s internet connection available at home where both devices reside.”

Don’t Count on Countess Mallaig Yet!

If you have kids, they probably play Skylanders. One of the great things about this game series is that it introduces kids to some pretty great characters and stories that are fun to follow.

This month we have an amazing new character coming out in all versions of the game: Countess Mallaig! She is a great addition to your collection, especially if you have children ages 6-11 who love playing Skylanders!

The Countess’s super power is her ability to shoot bubbles from her wand that can stun enemies for a short time! Kids will love using this power in battle mode when playing with friends or family members.

Skylanders are amazing to collect, but Imaginators are truly exceptional!

Skylanders: Imaginators are the most creative Skylanders I’ve ever seen! You can create your own characters, so it’s like creating a character for yourself. They’re also very powerful and have lots of cool weapons and abilities. They’re also very customizable because you can change their looks with different outfits, hair, skin color etc., which is super awesome!

I think that Skylanders: Imaginators are the best Skylanders ever made because they allow a lot more creativity than other games in the series have allowed before. It gives kids an opportunity to be creative and design their own unique characters on top of playing through some amazing game levels too!


Skylanders is a great game for anyone to play, no matter their age. It’s got an engaging story and it teaches kids about animals and the environment while they play! The gameplay is fantastic with lots of twists and turns along the way. The graphics are stunning too so there will never be any dull moments in this stunning world of Skylands.”

I hope you enjoyed reading about all these amazing topics that we covered here today! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at [email protected]

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