Playing Video Games Could Be Making You Smarter


I feel like people are often embarrassed about playing video games, so this blog post is going to start off with a surprising statement: Playing video games could be making you smarter. In fact, playing video games can actually increase your brain power and make you smarter. This can range from improving your skills in basic math or reading comprehension. It really depends on the type of game that you’re playing. It also helps improve your ability to multitask and balance multiple tasks at any given time

Playing video games could be making you smarter.

Playing video games could be making you smarter. The idea that playing video games makes you more intelligent is a debated one, but research suggests that the benefits of gaming are many and varied. It turns out that playing video games can actually have a positive effect on cognitive abilities, brain health, memory and attention span, problem solving skills and decision making skills.

  • Video games are good for your cognitive abilities: Studies have shown that playing action-adventure games improves visual attention in young adults (1). These are the types of people who tend to play first-person shooter or action adventure games like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto 5 where fast reactions are key to success (2).
  • Video games are good for your brain: Research has shown that regular gaming can increase gray matter volume in areas related to learning as well as enhance motor control (3). This means that even though most people associate gaming with sitting around doing nothing physically active; it actually helps keep our minds active too!
  • Video games are good for your memory: One study found gamers had increased connectivity between certain regions of their brains involved with learning new skills when compared with non-gamers (4). In addition there was also lower connectivity between other parts of their brain related to short term memory problems which may explain why gamers often forget things quickly once they stop focusing on them! Can’t seem remember what happened last week? Try playing some Assassin’s Creed Odyssey instead because then maybe we’ll remember everything just fine.”

1) Playing video games could be making you smarter.

Good news, gamers! It could be that playing video games is making you smarter. A new study out of the University of Montreal shows that playing action video games can improve your visual attention, which can help with everything from driving to reading comprehension.

In their study, researchers showed participants pictures of various objects on a screen and asked them to focus in on specific parts of each one (for example: “Where are all the red squares?”). Players who had previously played action-based first person shooters were able to identify more objects within an image than those who had not played any games at all—by about 31% percent. That may not sound like much but consider this: most people cannot even answer correctly 50% of these questions!

This research isn’t conclusive yet; there’s still more research needed before anyone can say for sure how much video games affect brain activity or intelligence levels generally speaking. However it does show promise in terms of what type gameplay styles might benefit future players’ abilities beyond just being fun!

2) Playing video games could be making you smarter.

The research is clear: playing video games could be making you smarter.

Studies have shown that playing action video games can improve a player’s ability to multitask, their perceptual abilities and their working memory. These skills are all important for success in the modern world, especially with the rise of automation taking over many jobs that used to require manual labor.

Video Games are good for your cognitive abilities.

Video games can improve your cognitive abilities. They can sharpen your memory and attention span, as well as increase your decision-making skills and problem-solving abilities. Playing video games also helps improve spatial awareness, which is a very important skill for anyone who wants to succeed in their career!


We have a lot more to discuss on this topic, but I wanted to leave you with something that will make you smile: did you know that video games are good for your health? Research shows that playing video games can help boost memory and brain function! So next time someone tells me they don’t want their kids playing those violent titles because it’s not healthy for them, I just might say “no” instead of yes.

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