Metacritic Now Supporting iOS Games

Metacritic, the immensely popular reviews aggregation site, has finally bit the bullet and added iOS titles to their games section. Prior to this Metacritic simply published a “best of” guide at the end of the month, highlighting the best iOS titles for a $30 budget. As of now they are working on updating the list of games, so only titles that were released from December till March currently have Metascores.

In the announcement post on Metacritic, they had this to say in regards to iOS games:

“Our addition of a robust iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch games section to stand side-by-side with our Xbox 360, PS3, DS/3DS, Wii, PC and PSP sections reflects the critical community’s growing acceptance of the iOS platform as a legitimate, full-fledged gaming system whose games can compete with those designed for the more established, dedicated gaming systems.”

Don’t get me wrong some iOS titles are a lot of fun, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say iOS games can compete with the “more established” gaming systems. It should be noted that many of the games’ scores are averaged based on very few reviews, so you can’t look too much into the Metascore for those particular titles.

Whether you agree with Metacritic or not, their support of iOS title might encourage more and more companies to invest in Apple devices and we might also see some indie devs being able to bring us bigger and better titles, which would be very much welcomed.

[Source: Metacritic]

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