Meet Axel


This is Axel. He’s one of the characters in Line Rider, a game where you draw lines, and then a little guy named Axel rides down them. Axel is an inspiration for all of us: even if he doesn’t always succeed at first, he practices hard, never gives up, and eventually achieves his dreams. He also shows us that being a little different can be good! Read on to learn more about why we think Axel is so awesome.

He’s talented.

He’s a great artist, because he drew the Line Rider character.

He’s a great skier, because he knows how to ski.

He’s a great musician, because he plays the guitar and sings songs like “I’m gonna Rock you Tonight.”

He’s a great dancer, because he dances every day on his way back from school.

He’s also an athlete who can swim fast as lightning! He’ll win any swimming competition without fail!

If you want to know what else Axel is good at? I’ll tell you: He’s an actor too! In fact, Axel played himself in The Movie Line Rider 2: The Sequel 2 years ago!

He’s a dreamer.

Axel is a dreamer. He has big dreams and he wants the world to know about them.

He’s also a little different, which makes him an outsider in his own way. He doesn’t have any friends because of this, but he doesn’t really mind it much. In fact, being alone helps Axel think better than most people—and as you can see from his videos and artwork, he’s pretty good at thinking!

Axel is also a rebel: he doesn’t like following rules or doing things in “the right way.” This might seem pretty silly if you’re not used to it (I’m sure most of us are), but it makes sense if you think about Axel’s background and experience with people who don’t understand what it means for someone else’s work to be truly unique and amazing…like your own life story!

He’s unique.

Axel may be a little bit different from everyone else, but that’s what makes him so special. He has a dreamer’s imagination, which has led him to create his own world and characters. He’s also a loner who prefers to spend time alone with his creations rather than going out with friends. Axel is very intelligent but he doesn’t like sharing this knowledge with others because it makes him feel self-conscious about being deemed as “brilliant” or “genius.”

One thing that sets Axel apart from other line riders is that he’s incredibly detail-oriented when it comes to his art—he wants everything perfect!

Line Rider characters show that talent and hard work can get you anywhere, even if you’re a little different from everyone else.

Line Rider characters show that talent and hard work can get you anywhere, even if you’re a little different from everyone else.

They may look different, have different abilities or personalities, but what they all have in common is their drive to be the best Line Rider they can be. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, but we never see them as limitations: we only celebrate the people who put in the hard work to reach their goals.


This little guy has a lot to teach us. The world is full of people who are different in some way, and we can learn a lot from their unique points of view. We should embrace these differences and support others while they embrace their own uniqueness—not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because we all have something to teach each other. You never know when someone might be able to teach you how to make your dreams come true!

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