How To Play Your Favorite Video Games On Any TV With A Gaming System


Congratulations on your purchase of the latest gaming console! You’ll be enjoying hours and hours of fun playing all the great games available for it. But wait, what’s that you say? Your brand new HDTV is being used to watch a movie on Netflix while another family member is streaming a TV program in another room? And there’s no way you can convince them to give up their screen time for yours? Well, fortunately, we’ve come a long way since the days when families would gather around one single television set. There are ways to make your gaming system work on pretty much any TV in your home. Here are the basic steps:

Before you begin your shopping, you’ll want to gather a few facts.

Before you begin your shopping, you’ll want to gather a few facts.

  • What kind of TV do you want to play on? This is important because some gaming systems are compatible with certain TVs and not others. For example, the Nintendo Switch can be played on your computer monitor but isn’t compatible with smart TVs. The PS4 also has its own kind of video port that doesn’t work with standard HDMI cables (you’ll need an adapter).
  • What type of games do you want to play? Most consoles offer a wide variety of titles—from role-playing games (RPGs) like Final Fantasy XV and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands to sports games such as FIFA 18 and Madden NFL 19. Think about what genres interest you most so that when it comes time for buying, there will be no surprises later down the road when someone says “Hey dude let’s play Mario Kart!” only for everyone else at home except for me who would rather watch paint dry instead because I’m not into racing games.”

Once you’ve got your information in hand you can start comparison shopping for the best deal.

Once you’ve got your information in hand, it’s time to begin comparison shopping. This is the most important part of the process because it will help you find the best deal on a gaming system.

There are several different things to consider when comparison shopping:

  • Brand/model
  • Price/features/specs
  • Manufacturer and warranty options
  • Retailer reputation (especially if you’re buying online)

Once you’ve made the purchase, you’ll probably be contemplating what games to buy.

You’ve made the decision to buy a gaming system, which means you’re going to want some games. The first thing you should do is consider what kind of games you like to play. If it’s single-player stories and puzzles, maybe a console is best for you. If it’s multiplayer action with friends or family, maybe a PC would be better suited for your needs. Once that’s figured out, think about what games your friends and family enjoy playing as well; this will help narrow down your selection considerably.

Finally (and perhaps most importantly), consider what type of games your kids enjoy playing—that way, they’ll have something fun and educational with which to occupy their time instead of just sitting around watching TV all day long!

If you are really wanting to save on games, though, there’s a lesser-known way to get them for pretty cheap.

There are several ways to save money on video games. One of the best ways to do this is by buying used games. This can be done at a store like GameStop or Best Buy, as well as online at Amazon, Ebay, etc. If you are really wanting to save on games, though, there’s a lesser-known way to get them for pretty cheap.

You can buy second hand or thrift store games from your local pawn shop and pay only $0.50-$2 per game depending on how new it is! You might also find some real gems there if you’re lucky enough: I know of one person who got an original Xbox with 10 brand new games for $30!

Find the gaming system that suits your needs, price shop and then consider buying used versions of games to save money.

When you’re looking for a gaming system, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the games that are available for each system. A console might have better graphics and be able to support your favorite game types.

Second, look at the features of each system and make sure they will meet your needs. The PlayStation 4 has tons of great games but is not as good at playing music from your computer as the Xbox One or Wii U, which both have dedicated audio ports for connecting speakers or headphones directly to them.

Thirdly, price shop! Find out what each console costs by visiting different retailers online so you can compare prices between stores and find the best deal possible on whichever one(s) interest you most. In addition to doing research on these websites before buying anything new; it’s also important that consumers educate themselves about how much money they’ll save if they buy used versions instead (which often times offer similar value). This way they can avoid spending too much money upfront while still getting quality products later down road.”


If you want to play your favorite video games but you don’t have a television that can display them, then you really should consider getting one of these gaming systems. They will allow you to connect any old TV to your computer so that it can display games without any problems whatsoever. Plus, with the right setup, it could actually end up saving money in the long run because you won’t have to upgrade all of your devices each time there’s a new release or update available.

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