How To Get All Golds in crossy road ~~~ (a blog about how to get all golds in game)


crossy road is a fun and competitive game that can be played on multiple devices. It is an endless runner game where you try to get as far as you can before getting hit by a car or eaten by eagles. Most people start off playing this game casually but eventually the game gets more challenging and some may decide to pursue all of the objectives in the game. Here is how to achieve this goal:

The Objectives

  • There are 6 gold frogs in all. They’re the most difficult to get, but you can read our guide on how to find them here.
  • You can get all of the golds in Crossy Road by leveling up your character and buying new ones at the store.
  • You can also get some of the golds with practice makes perfect, which means playing through the game a lot more times than you normally would – eventually you’ll come across some extra golds!

Leveling up

Leveling up is the most important thing you can do to get golds, frogs and coins in Crossy Road. The better your character’s level, the more likely it will be able to survive longer distances. You can level up by playing the game or purchasing a boost.

I recommend leveling up as soon as possible because it seriously helps with getting all golds in Crossy Road! I mean, what are you going to do if your frog dies after traveling across 2/3 of the screen? Well, that would be sad and probably not good for his health either…

Gold Frogs

Gold Frogs are the most difficult to find and the most valuable frog in Crossy Road. Gold frogs are rare, and they’re not always easy to get either. But if you want your favorite character to be gold, then you need all the help you can get! Here are some tips on getting all the gold frogs in Crossy Road:

  • If one frog appears on your screen and it’s not a gold frog, quickly press UP on your keyboard or controller (or swipe on mobile) right before he runs into an obstacle. If done correctly, this should save him—and hopefully make him gold!
  • Another way of getting a lot of coins is by unlocking new levels that reward players with 200 coins each time they complete them successfully

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect. That’s the saying, right? And it’s true in this case! If you want to get all golds in Crossy Road (which is an awesome game), then practice as much as possible.

Start out by playing the game casually so that you can get used to the controls and how everything works. Then, when you feel confident enough about how things work, start trying for golds on some of the easier levels. This will allow you to hone your skills and understand what strategies work best for each level.

Once I started doing this, I found that it made me much better at getting all golds in Crossy Road than if I had just tried to jump straight into it without any prior knowledge or experience with the game itself

Live Long, Die Fast

You can get all golds by playing the game.

You can get all golds by leveling up.

You can get all golds by getting gold frogs.

You can get all golds by practicing the game

crossy road is fun and competitive game

Crossy Road is a fun game that can be played with friends or strangers. You can play it by yourself, or you can play it with your family and friends.

It’s a competitive game because there are many different ways to get golds, but only one way to get all golds!

So how do you get all the golds? You need to look carefully at each level and see if there is an easy way for you to reach high scores in those levels.


crossy road is fun and competitive game

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