GTA 2 Top 5 Greatest Vehicles


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1. Tank:

The tank is the best vehicle in Grand Theft Auto 2. It can be obtained by picking up a phone and dialing 555-8195 to unlock it for free. The tank is one of three vehicles that can be unlocked for free, and it’s probably the most sought-after one too. It has all of these great qualities:

  • It’s fast! The tank has some serious acceleration, which makes it fun to drive around and mow down pedestrians. Plus, your speed is increased further when you’re playing on a PC or Mac; this isn’t technically an “official” feature of the game but was implemented into later versions of GTA 2 through mods that made their way onto message boards across the internet back in 1999 (don’t worry; we’ll talk about mods in more detail later).
  • It’s powerful! Not only does this mean that you can take out enemies easily, but also that every time you run over someone with your tires they will explode into thousands upon thousands of tiny pieces like what happens when someone steps on an ant hill—it’s very satisfying indeed!
  • Its health bar is pretty darn big compared with other vehicles (like those little cars) so even if there are multiple enemies shooting at once at full power it’ll take them forever before they actually kill off your ride because our hero here just keeps on rolling along despite their efforts against him/her/themself… whatever gender pronouns fit well here depending on who’s reading this article right now 🙂

2. Hotdog Van

The hotdog van is a common sight in the streets of GTA 2, and one of the best vehicles to have on hand when you need a fast getaway car. It can carry up to four people, has a moderate top speed and acceleration, and is great for evading police after committing crimes or escaping from angry civilians.

3. Limo

The limo is the most expensive vehicle in GTA 2, but it’s also the fastest and most durable. The limo has a top speed of 200 km/h (120 mph) and can take a lot more damage than other vehicles. The only downside to driving one is that it’s not very maneuverable. If you’re looking for something fast and durable with good handling, this isn’t the car for you!

4. SWAT Van

The SWAT van is possibly the most versatile vehicle in the game. It has a turret on top that can fire at the player, and it can be used to ram other vehicles. In fact, if you collide with another car at high speed while driving this vehicle, you’ll likely kill both drivers and passengers instantly.

It’s also useful for ramming police cruisers and causing them to explode—or forcing them off the road so you can escape from a pursuit.

5. Firetruck 3

  • Firetruck 3

The Firetruck 3 is the fastest vehicle in GTA 2, and also the most expensive. It can easily outrun any other vehicle in GTA 2, including helicopters and police cruisers (though helicopters will still be able to shoot at you). The fire truck’s durability is almost unmatched; it has more health than any other vehicle in the game, even though it doesn’t have bulletproof tires like some other vehicles do. You can also move faster backwards than you can forwards with this thing! Finally, it also has hydraulics so that if someone tries to ram into you while driving backwards, they’re going down instead of you.

The top five vehicles in GTA 2 are the tank, hotdog van, limousine, SWAT van, and firetruck.

The top five vehicles in GTA 2 are the tank, hotdog van, limousine, SWAT van, and firetruck. These vehicles are all great for a number of reasons and will help you traverse your way through the city like a pro.

In this blog post I’m going to go into detail about why each vehicle is so great and give you some tips on how best to use them so that you can get the most out of them.


GTA 2 is a great game, and we hope you enjoyed our countdown of the top five vehicles. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us via email at We’d love to hear from you!

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