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Hey, there. I’ve been seeing a lot of you newbie gamers out there and thought I could give you some tips on being less bad at video games. For starters, it’s important to understand the different types of genres of games. Then we’ll get into how to learn the controls, and finally we’ll talk about playing with others. So read on, and good luck!

Game Basics

As you embark on this journey of self-improvement, you’re going to have to make some adjustments.

  • The game is about the game, not about the player.
  • The game is a game, not a simulator. In other words, it’s not real life; it’s just a bit of fun in which you can pretend to be someone else (a soldier or an assassin or whatever). If you feel like hurting someone in real life because they killed your character in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 last night and now you think they deserve pain as retribution for their actions, I’m sorry but that’s not how it works! You should probably consider seeing a therapist instead.
  • The game is also not going to hold your hand through anything—it’s not here to teach you new tricks or give advice on how to improve at playing games—so don’t expect any help from outside sources either (like YouTube videos)! This will be difficult for some people who need constant guidance and direction but if I were them I would view this challenge as an opportunity rather than something negative; after all…

Always save your game.

You should always save your game, and here’s why.

When you’re playing a video game, there are certain things that happen: enemies appear, treasure chests appear, and sometimes characters will tell you something important. These are all moments that can change what happens in the game later on. If you don’t save your progress before this moment happens (or if you just decide to quit playing), then when you come back to play again later on, it’s possible that none of these things will happen at all! Imagine being halfway through a level or boss fight only to discover that none of those obstacles exist anymore because someone else saved over your file by mistake…or maybe they just wanted to play another level instead? I don’t know; maybe they didn’t even realize what happened until it was too late! But whatever happened…it sucks if they overwrite yours because now when YOU try again tomorrow afternoon with no progress made whatsoever since last night (when everything worked fine).

Take advantage of the tutorials.

One of the first things you should do when you start playing a new video game is to take advantage of the tutorial. The tutorials will teach you how to control your character, perform basic actions and use special abilities. This is usually optional, but we recommend that everyone takes advantage of them because they’ll help you get into the game faster and avoid making mistakes that could cost you valuable resources later on.

If there’s one thing for certain about video games, no matter whether it’s online or offline: The more time spent playing games with an open mind and without getting frustrated by slow progress or dying too often (which happens to be part of every single game), the better!

Choose your difficulty settings.

There are a few different difficulty settings that you can choose from when playing video games. The higher the difficulty, the more rewarding the game will be and the less forgiving it will be as well. In other words, if you’re looking for a challenge and want to test your skills, then picking an appropriate level of difficulty is recommended. On the other hand, choosing an easy mode allows players who aren’t interested in challenging themselves or don’t have much time on their hands to still enjoy playing without having to put too much effort into figuring out how everything works within each game.

Learn to use cover and concealment.

Learning how to use cover and concealment effectively is one of the biggest ways you can improve your game and boost your win/loss ratio. The first thing to understand is that most games have a “cover system,” which allows players to hide behind objects such as walls, large crates, cars, or bushes. If you’re standing behind an object big enough for you and your opponent’s bullets won’t go through it (a car rather than a telephone pole), then the other player will not be able to shoot at you while they remain exposed. This makes it possible for players who are skillful at using cover properly to avoid being shot by their enemies while still having line-of-sight on them and shooting back!

In addition to using cover effectively yourself when playing as an individual character in video games such as Battlefield 5 or Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (or any other first-person shooter), learning how best use cover when playing with others can be equally important for success in team-based competitive modes like Overwatch’s Control mode or Rainbow Six Siege’s Bomb Diffusal mode; knowing where each member of your team should be positioned so they’re protected by walls while giving them optimal access points into enemy territory will help ensure that everyone comes out alive at the end of each round!

Use the map

The map is a tool for navigation and orientation. The map is also a tool for planning strategy. If you are playing an open world game like Skyrim, the map allows you to see all the areas of the game world, including towns and cities as well as smaller areas such as caves and dungeons. This allows you to plan your route around the world so that you can reach all parts of it before going back home again (or wherever else it may be).

  • If there’s a question mark on your compass then it means there’s something nearby that needs exploring!

Learn the controls.

The very first thing you should do when you play a video game is learn the controls. If there’s anything more frustrating than being stuck in a difficult part of a game, it’s realizing that you don’t know how to perform one of the mechanics that would get you out of it!

If your controller has buttons in different places, or if there are any other differences between yours and what others might use, make sure to take some time outside of playing the game itself to figure out how things work on your controller before trying anything else.

Once you understand how everything works (or even if not), head over to GameFAQS or another similar website where people post walkthroughs for games. Walkthroughs can help teach players new strategies and tips that they wouldn’t otherwise know without having played through them themselves (or having read reviews). Such resources may also include maps so that users can better visualize where they need go next.

Be aware of your weapon’s range, accuracy and damage potential.

  • Know how far your weapon can shoot.
  • Know how accurate your weapon is.
  • Find out what kind of damage it can do, and how much damage an enemy could do to you with the same weapon. If they have a better one than you, that means they’re going to be able to kill you first (unless you’re playing in co-op mode).

Focus on what each enemy wants to do and how to stop that from happening, then attack.

The best way to not suck at video games is to focus on what each enemy wants to do and how you can stop that from happening. Then, once they’re not doing the thing they want to do anymore, you attack them. This may sound overly simple, but this philosophy can save you a lot of trouble in games where enemies have long-range attacks or multi-target attacks (like AOE spells).

For example: The main character in Final Fantasy VII has two characters at his side during most combat scenarios (Tifa and Barret). During these scenarios he often faces multiple enemies at once, which creates an interesting decision: Do I attack the guys who are closer to me first? Or should I kill off the ranged attackers first so that my other party members don’t get hit with their long range attacks?

Read your equipment screen carefully and make sure you are using all your extra abilities.

While you’re playing, make sure you are using all your extra abilities. If you don’t use them, they’re wasted and you’re not maximizing your potential. These abilities can be anything from an attack ability to a defensive move or even a healing spell. Most of them are easy enough to find in the equipment screen; just look for the icon that looks like it’s glowing on the bottom right corner of your screen. Once you’ve acquired an ability, keep track of it so that when one of these situations arises where you need it most (or if there’s just something fun going on), hit “X” (on PS4) or “A” (on Xbox One).

Don’t assume an enemy is dead just because they’ve been shot a few times, until you can actually see them die before your eyes or at least hear them fall over or scream in pain or something. Enemies can still shoot back at you even if they have been injured but not killed outright, so don’t let them get the chance!

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Good luck!

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