5 Tips To Dark Universe Glory In The Game Of War


If you’re reading this, you’ve probably played Game of War and wondered at the infinite mystery of its mechanics. For example, why are some players able to produce more troops in an hour than others? How do they get so many resources when mines seem to deplete in a matter of seconds? And how can they destroy a target’s defenses with one attack while it takes me four or five times the number of troops? It’s all very confusing—and I know because I used to wonder about all this. I’m going to demystify these things for you today. In fact, I’ll show you the secrets that even most high-level players don’t know yet. Let’s get started!

Dark Universe Tip #1: Don’t Trust Anyone

  • Don’t Trust Anyone

In the game of War, you can never trust anyone. Your alliance members? Nope. Your alliance leader? Definitely not. The leaders of other alliances or even the ones you are currently fighting? You can bet that they’re going to stab you in the back at some point if it benefits them, so don’t let your guard down just because they seem nice enough right now!

The only person that you should ever trust is yourself and maybe a couple close friends/family members who have been around for awhile and would never do anything underhanded or mean-spirited towards you (but even then they could potentially turn against you!). Everyone else is out there looking for easy ways to gain power over others without having any regard for how much damage it causes in their wake as long as it gets them closer towards achieving their own goals.

Dark Universe Tip #2: Take Over The Realm First

Dark Universe Tip #2: Take Over The Realm First

In the game of War, you want to secure as much territory as possible by taking over the realm first. Why? Well, for starters, if you take over the realm first then you will be able to get more resources from your neighbors in order to build up your army. You also have an advantage over other players because when they attack you later on in the game, they will not have enough troops or resources to beat you back.

Dark Universe Tip #3: Triple Your Resources

  • Triple Your Resources

The game’s title is “War,” after all, and if you want to win that war, you have to have enough resources to do so. In the game of War: Dark Universe (WDU), resources come in three varieties: gold, elixir and dark matter (DM). You can acquire more of these by upgrading your buildings. This means that every time you upgrade one building, all of them get a boost for free—and not just a small boost like in other games; but an enormous one! So keep this tip in mind when playing WDU: Upgrade as many things at once as possible!

Dark Universe Tip #4: Warehouse Your Goods

  • Warehouse Your Goods

It’s important to remember that the more goods you can stockpile, the more money you will make. But just because a resource is stockpiled, doesn’t mean it will stay there forever! If your warehouse becomes full and you need to clear out some space, it’s best to do so when you have the least amount of resources stored up (for example: if there are no wars going on right now). You might even want to hold off on building new warehouses until after a war has ended or when resources become scarce again; otherwise, those warehouses may go to waste!

Dark Universe Tip #5: Join a Strong Alliance

Joining an Alliance is a great way to get more resources and help with your Quest. But you have to choose wisely!

The first thing you should do when joining an Alliance is look at its “Power Score”. This number tells you how strong the Alliance is, and it’s also used for raids by other players on your team. The higher the Power Score, the better protection you will have from attacks from other Alliances (and vice versa). If you’re unsure of what kind of Alliance might suit your needs best, there’s no shame in asking around or doing some research online before making your decision! Once again: don’t be afraid to ask for help!

When looking for a new alliance, keep these things in mind:

  • How strong are their defenses?
  • Do they have enough resources? What kinds?

Now that we’ve covered all our tips on how to become part of this dark universe glory we hope that now when someone comes up with new ways they can help us stay safe while playing this game!

You can win at this game with a good strategy.

You can win at this game with a good strategy.

When it comes to the Game of War, make sure you don’t trust anyone. In fact, be afraid of everyone! Don’t be afraid to attack others; they might turn around and do the same thing to you later on. You never know when someone could have been working on an evil plot behind your back that involves swiping all your resources and gold out from under your nose while they’re asleep in their beds! Be prepared for anything at any time!

But above all else, don’t ever be afraid of losing an army or getting attacked by someone who has more soldiers than you do because sometimes losing means learning what not to do next time so that way when it happens again instead of being surprised by it happening again (like how I lost an army before) then maybe I’ll get better at this game without having my heart ripped out every single day when I wake up knowing full well how much work went into building up those armies only for them not mattering anymore once everything gets wiped out overnight because someone managed sneak past my defenses undetected due to no one checking up on them regularly enough until now


We hope you enjoyed these tips. We know they’ve helped us get ahead of the competition in our game! Remember, the best way to dominate the battlefield is to make smart alliances and maintain control over your resources. Good luck out there!

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