Creators Of Controversial Endgame: Syria Title Release Climate Defense

You might recall some news about Endgame: Syria, a title that turned the civil war in Syria into a game with hopes of increasing awareness, and how Apple had rejected the title due to the focus on the civil war. With the controversy that surrounds the title and its focus, you would expect Game The News to back off from creating anything else that puts focus on current news.

This is not the case as the company’s latest title, Climate Defense, presents an interesting take on the hot topic of the effects of CO2 emissions reaching the atmosphere. Players are given the choice to play the game for fun or realistically, the latter option providing a different experience than the first. Designer Tomas Rawlings commented:

“Normally with a video game, the developers will have made huge concessions to ensure the game is fun so with a shooting game you may be able to be shot and recover many times over which is not realistic, but does make the game fun. In Climate Defense, that distinction is apparent so you can have fun playing the game or you can choose a more realistic experience and see how our continued emissions will impact our world.”

You can play Climate Defense on the Android via Google Play or on your PC via the GameTheNews official site. It also looks like the company is already working on a new title that confronts the war of drugs. Stay tuned with us as we bring you more news about that.

[Source: Game The News]

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