Candy Crush Soda Level 1616 Walkthrough


Yay for levels that have bears in them! This is another level where your bear can really help you out. You just have to activate it, and get a few good combinations going.

Activating the bear

The most important thing to do in this level is activate the bear. You can activate it when you have a chance, but if you can’t, you should use a striped candy to make all of the candies on the board one color. If that doesn’t work, try using a color bomb to clean up the board.

Combining bears

Now that you have 3 bears and a cherry, it’s time to bring in the color bomb. The first thing you want to do is combine all three bears first. Then, drop the color bomb on top of them, which will clear all candies around those bears and leave them at a distance from each other.

After clearing most of the board like this, take out any remaining blockers with striped candies or wrapped-up candies (wrapped candies are made by combining two striped candy colors). Now we’re getting somewhere!

Bursting the bear

Bursting the bear is a difficult endeavor. If you can only get one star, or no stars at all, you might want to give up on bursting the bear and just try again later. But if it’s possible for you to burst the bear, it’s worth going for!

A few things make bursting the bear tricky:

  • The bears are hard to reach without getting an extra move
  • If you don’t have any special candies in your inventory and there’s not enough open space on top of them (or below them) then they’ll stay frozen forever! You need those special candies so that they can melt those pesky bears away!

Always activate your bear when you can.

Always activate your bear when you can. Bears are more powerful than any other candy in the game, and activating them will make them grow to a much larger size. This means that they’re able to break through more tiles than other candies can on their own, making them a lifesaver when it comes to clearing out large areas of cake or soda.

The only time that you should not activate your bear is if there’s another ingredient on the board that needs clearing out first (like soda or chocolate). But even then, it’s usually worth using a couple of bears just to clear out some extra space and increase your score!


This level can be quite tricky, but if you keep at it, eventually you’ll get it! Just remember that making the bear is your number one priority and focus on setting him off as soon as possible. When he’s in the air, try to combine him with another bear if you can!

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