Candy Crush Saga Guide Getting Started


Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular games in the world. It’s played by almost everyone, including me! I’m a candy crush enthusiast and have been playing since 2012, when it was first released on Facebook. I enjoy playing this game because it’s fun, easy to learn and has different levels that keep you entertained. If you want tips on getting started with Candy Crush Saga or just want to learn more about this game then read our guide below!

Color Bomb

Color bombs are special candies that can be used to clear a whole column of candies and grant you an extra move. They have a purple color with a small star on top, as opposed to regular candy which has no stars on them.

There are two ways to make a color bomb:

  • The first way is by matching 4 same-colored candies in the same row together. This will transform those four into one big, powerful color bomb! The second way is by having 5 or more identical colors in a row horizontally or vertically; this will create multiple small versions of the same color bombs! These small versions can be utilized as you like (usually for clearing out many different rows).

Clear Jelly

Next up, clear jelly. This is a special type of candy that you can use to create any color bomb. Also, it’s used to create striped candies.

To make a clear jelly, you need to match four candies in the same row or column:

  • One white candy
  • One wrapped candy (these are special candies that can be moved around the board)
  • Two empty spaces in between them

Jelly Fish

Let’s start with Jelly Fish:

  • Jelly Fish is a blocker, meaning it will prevent you from clearing any candies on your board. They can be cleared in a number of ways:
  • Match five or more candies of the same color. You can use this strategy to clear any kind of candy on the board—Jelly Fish included!
  • Use a Bomb to clear all surrounding Jelly Fishes and other blockers in one go. Be careful when using them though; if not used correctly they might hurt you instead!
  • Use Color Bombs (red bomb icon) or Sticky Candies (blue wrapper icon). These special candies destroy all candies on the board that match their color scheme, so make sure you plan ahead before using them!

Licorice Lock

Licorice Lock is a serious threat to your game. You’ll want to avoid it at all costs. If you get stuck with this block, consider restarting the level or moving on if you can’t find an exit point.

You can use Licorice Lock to your advantage by matching 4 candies around it to remove it from the board and release more time for you to make matches.

Lucky Candy

Lucky Candy is a special type of candy that can be used to clear a full row of candies of the same color.

It can be activated by making a match with the lucky candy in the middle of the board and it will clear out all candies on its path, leaving only one colored line behind.

Striped Candy

Striped candy is the candy that can be used to swap candies. It is a booster, which means that it can help you clear a ton of candies at once. It’s also helpful when clearing out chocolate or jelly squares as they have five layers of tiles and need multiple stripes to clear them all at once.

Striped Candy

The striped candy was introduced in level 92 of the game and has been used ever since then. The striped candy is an important tool in Candy Crush Saga because it allows you to make matches right away without having to spend any time matching just one color at a time! You’ll often see this item on levels where there are lots of chocolate or jelly squares (or both).

This blog will showcase how to play Candy Crush Saga and where to find tips on how to play.

This blog will showcase how to play Candy Crush Saga and where to find tips on how to play.

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game that was developed by King. It is the sequel of Candy Crush Saga. This game has been ranked as one of the most downloaded games in Apple’s App Store, Google Play and Facebook Instant Games. The player gets different levels in each level with different difficulty levels. So if you want some help then follow this article for more info about playing Candy Crush Saga!


Now that you know the basic gameplay of Candy Crush Saga, it’s time to get started! Play through the tutorial and then start crushing those candies. Remember to keep an eye out for special combinations like wrapped and striped candies, as well as boosters like Color Bombs and Lollipop Hammers. As you play more levels, you’ll gain a feel for how these boosters work (and how they don’t work). And if all else fails, use our tips above to guide your way. We wish you luck on your journey through Candy Crush Saga!

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