Best Selling Xbox 360 Indie Games of 2011

Microsoft’s Major Nelson has released an Xbox Live Indie Games Best Sellers List for 2011 accounting for full purchases for the year.  The chart is comprised of 11 indie games released in 2011 with many older hits comprising the other nine.

It’s of note that among the top ten indie games are four Minecraft clones including FortressCraft Chapter 1, Total Miner: Forge, CastleMiner, and CastleMiner Z.  

1. FortressCraft Chapter 1
2. Total Miner: Forge
3. The Impossible Game
4. Avatar Paintball
5. Toy Stunt Bike
6. CastleMiner Z
8. Avatar Legends
9. CastleMiner
10. Miner Dig Deep
11. Avatar Laser Wars
12. Bird Assassin
13. Voice Changer 360
14. Nuclear Wasteland
15. Avatar Karting
16. Zombie Estate
17. Avatar Drop
18. Baby Maker Extreme 2
19. College Lacrosse 2011
20. The $1 Zombie Game

It’s a little sad that some voice-changing software (number 13) cracks the top 20 yet excellent games like Speed Runner HD or the Arkedo series are nowhere to be found.  Hopefully with the improvements Microsoft announced for the Indie Games marketplace we’ll see some change and more higher quality releases (unlike the avatar shovelware it’s filled with currently.)

[Source: IndieGames]

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