Beginning Of The End For PUBG Mobile?


Recently PUBG Mobile has been facing several problems due to the poor performance of Tencent Games. Many of these issues are because of a lack of communication with players and the community. This article will explain what has gone wrong for PUBG Mobile along with my opinions on their downfall.


If you don’t know what PUBG Mobile is, it’s a survival shooter game that was developed by Tencent Games and has been available since the end of last year. The game is free-to-play and requires an internet connection to play.

It’s been a big hit: according to Sensor Tower, PUBG Mobile had over 100 million downloads within its first two months on iOS and Android devices (1). However, in recent times it seems that there might be trouble ahead for this popular mobile title as recent numbers show that its player base has declined significantly despite being one of the highest grossing apps in both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.

Decreasing Popularity and Negative Reviews

PUBG Mobile has been losing popularity since its release.

It’s no secret that the game has been dropping in popularity since its release back in 2017. While it may be the most downloaded game on this generation’s mobile devices, it is also known to have a large amount of bugs, glitches, and lag. This is one of the reasons why Fortnite gained so much more attention than Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile when it was released later on in 2018.

Since then Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has also been released which is another popular game that people play instead of PUBG Mobile due to its smooth gameplay experience combined with awesome graphics and sound effects (which are both lacking from PUBG). And let’s not forget about Apex Legends which recently made waves by being named “Best FPS Game” by Game Informer magazine after only 2 weeks!

Poor Communication with Players

The game has faced a multitude of problems recently. The first issue was the loot box system, where players could purchase crates containing cosmetic items such as outfits, skins and weapon finishes with real money.

The second issue was regarding the dropping of prices for cosmetic items in their loot boxes, which caused many to worry about their financial stability within the game.

The third issue was regarding duplicate loot boxes upon opening them up after spending real money on them – this resulted in players feeling cheated by PUBG Mobile’s system and made many angry at how it worked behind the scenes (or didn’t work at all).

PUBG Mobile’s future is questionable as they have been facing a multitude of problems recently.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, while being a free mobile game has been facing a multitude of problems recently. The company behind PUBG Mobile, Tencent, who is also the parent company of popular game League of Legends and Clash Royale have seen their stocks drop by 10% since March 2019 which means that they aren’t doing as well as they did before in terms of revenue or popularity. However, it’s not all doom and gloom for the mobile version because there are still many people playing it but it seems that its future isn’t very promising anymore due to recent events such as:

  • A new patch that reduced graphics quality
  • Some players being banned from playing PUBG Mobile for cheating on PC


PUBG Mobile still remains one of the most popular video games on the mobile platform with an estimated 60 million active players each day. However, it is clear that PUBG Mobile needs to make some vital changes if they want to continue remaining at the top of the battle royale genre on mobile.

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