7 Tips For New Minecraft Players


My husband and I have been playing Minecraft since its first beta release in 2009. As you can imagine, there have been many changes to this game over the years. We’re showing you how to play the game as it is today.

Build a house and work on improvements.

Build a house and work on improvements.

After you have your essentials taken care of, it’s time to build a house! You should start by building walls around a small area (about 3×3 blocks) in the middle of the world. This will be your new home base, where all of your crafting supplies will live and you can quickly access them. Then, plant some wheat seeds and fertilize them with bonemeal while they grow back into full-size plants. Plant potatoes and carrots in this same area as well; these are two easy crops to grow that produce edible food items (potatoes can also be used for crafting). Now that you’re self-sufficiently fed with shelter and food, it’s time to focus on making more complex things such as tools or weapons for fighting off mobs at nightfall

Dig down in your home to find resources.

Once you’ve made a home and have some basic supplies, the next step is to dig down in your home. This will help you find resources that can be used to craft more complex items. If there’s no ground at all, then you’ll have to either go south until there is or search for caves nearby that might lead down below the surface. Once you’ve reached this point, it won’t take long before you start finding coal and iron ore – two of the most important materials for crafting early on in Minecraft.

Explore the world.

Explore the world.

With so many different areas to explore and discover, you can’t do it all in one day (or even one week). Instead of rushing through everything as fast as possible, take your time and enjoy everything Minecraft has to offer. Look for new places to mine, build structures, or work on building items such as weapons and armor for when you need them most. If you see something interesting in the distance or underground, go check it out! You never know what treasures might be waiting for you there!

Learn to battle monsters, protect yourself and survive the night!

In Minecraft, you can encounter a variety of enemies in your adventures. However, as a beginner, you will not be able to kill most of them right away. You should focus on building and collecting resources instead.

The creepers are one type of monster that you will encounter often when playing Minecraft. They can be very dangerous if they attack in groups and they explode when they die. To protect yourself against creepers, it is recommended that you have armor with high protection points (like iron or diamond) or use potion effects like night vision which allow you see around without being attacked by monsters during the night time hours when most creatures don’t spawn at all except skeletons who spawn only under certain conditions!

Create tools to help you mine in areas you couldn’t before. Now is where exploration starts getting fun!

The best part about exploration is finding new things, and the ability to create tools that help you mine in areas that were previously inaccessible helps make this possible.

Go on adventures, craft new items, trade with villagers and more!

  • Go on adventures! You can make your way through caves, find dungeons and explore abandoned mineshafts.
  • Craft new items! There are hundreds of different things you can craft from the materials you collect.
  • Trade with villagers! They’ll trade you food for wood, wheat for wool and more.
  • Build your own home! With a simple shelter or even a mansion, there’s no limit to what you can create in the game world.

Invite your friends to help on projects or start a server for you and your friends to play together.

Invite your friends to help on projects or start a server for you and your friends to play together.

Minecraft is an excellent game for building with others, whether it’s a Minecraft build club or simply a group of people who want to work on something together. If you have friends who are interested in playing the game too, invite them over and show them what we mean by “building with others.”

If you’re looking for some specific people to play with, there are plenty of websites where players can look up what servers are available to join and which ones appeal most.

Minecraft is a very expansive game that offers something for everyone who plays it!

I’ve found that Minecraft is a very expansive game that offers something for everyone who plays it!

It’s no surprise why: Minecraft has been around for almost 10 years, and the game has continued to grow in popularity with each passing year. The sandbox game allows you to explore, build and create your own world from scratch. And with over 15 million copies sold worldwide, there’s bound to be plenty of fellow players available to connect with online.


Minecraft is a very expansive game that offers something for everyone who plays it! You can build, explore, farm or battle monsters. If you are looking to play alone or with friends, Minecraft has you covered. We hope this blog helped you get started and remember to have fun!

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