Hey everyone, it’s been a great year for horror games so far, and October is the best time of year to play them. But don’t let this month scare you away from your favorite games! We’ve put together some tips on how to survive the spooky season:

Prepare yourself for the jump scares.

Of all the survival tips, this one is the most obvious. If you don’t like jump scares, then don’t play horror games. There’s no real reason to be playing them if they scare you so badly that it ruins your day/week/month/life.

But even if you do enjoy horror games and are up for a good scare, jumping out of your chair every hour or two might still get old after a while (and well before October ends). So here are some tips on how to prepare yourself for those inevitable jumps:

  • Don’t play horror games if you are easily scared of the dark or being alone in the house at night with only your computer screen for company—and maybe a cat or two if they’re feeling extra cuddly today!
  • Play horror games when it’s light outside—like noonish during summer time—so there isn’t such an emphasis on darkness and shadows when something jumps out at you in game form! Or maybe just play them late at night when everyone else is asleep…that sounds better than my first idea anyway 🙂

Don’t go in without a light.

It’s best to go in with a light source. A flashlight or lantern will be easy to carry and have a long battery life, and if you’re going to be in the dark for any period of time, you’ll want your batteries to last as long as possible. Make sure that the light is bright enough so that you can see what’s around you; this way, if there are any monsters around (or if it turns out one of them is actually your roommate), at least they won’t be able to sneak up on you. If possible, try using an old-fashioned candle instead of flashlights: carrying one will allow for an authentic horror movie experience! It’s also good practice to keep extra batteries just in case—you never know how long those games will last!

Don’t go insane.

  • Don’t play for too long. It’s a simple tip, but an important one. You have to take breaks from the game. Make sure to get up, stretch and walk around every so often.
  • Don’t play at night if you can help it—especially if it’s a horror game that might give you nightmares! The dark is scary enough without adding monsters into the mix!
  • If you’re feeling sick or under the weather, wait until you’re better before playing any of these games. Your brain needs all its energy in order to function properly when playing any type of video game (and right now especially!). If your body isn’t operating at 100%, then neither will your mind be able to handle all those big jumpscares coming towards them!
  • If someone else is playing with you/watching over their shoulder while they play through some terrifying section (like one where they’re alone), also don’t do that because then they’ll get scared too! Just make sure everyone has their own room with no siblings nearby–unless there’s something really cool happening–then maybe try finding somewhere else safe where everyone can watch together without being too scared about what might happen next time around? Maybe even create an escape route beforehand just incase anything does go wrong…

Know what you’re getting into.

  • Know the genre. What kind of game is it? Are you going to be playing a mindless shooter, or is it an RPG with a complex story? The more familiar you are with a specific genre, the better prepared you’ll be when things get scary.
  • Know the developer. Does this game come from a trustworthy developer? If they’re known for making horror games that tend to scare their players senseless, then don’t expect anything less than sheer terror this time around too!
  • Know the game itself. Is there anything special about this particular version of whatever-it-is that might have been left out of other releases and could potentially send shivers down your spine while playing on Halloween? Do some research before giving into any childhood fears that may come back again tonight during your favorite TV show marathon…

Bring a friend along for the journey, if you can.

We know it’s a scary world out there, but if you can bring another person along with you, we highly encourage it. It is always better to have company during your journey.

  • You can share the burden of the scary parts – no one likes being scared alone! You are also less likely to be attacked by monsters alone than if there were two or more people present (at least in theory).
  • You can help each other through some tough times – maybe someone else needs a hand up and over a ledge or something like that? Or maybe even just moral support in general? The point is, having someone around will make things more fun for everyone involved!
  • You may need items that only one person has access too – so if both parties have different sets of items then this could cause problems later on down the road..

Stay calm and fight the urge to throw your controller in anger.

Sometimes, you’ll get upset by a game. You may throw your controller in anger or let out some choice words that you later regret. When this happens, take a step back and try to stay calm. Remember that these games are designed to be scary; they’re not out to get you personally!

If you want to make sure that this doesn’t happen again, look for ways to improve your gaming experience: find a comfortable chair with lots of extra pillows surrounding it; turn on some calming music; start eating healthier snacks (or cut down on sugar).

Stay away from any open windows or doors that lead to certain doom.

The last thing you want to do is put yourself in a situation where you’re unable to escape from the monsters that lurk outside of your house. If there’s an open window or door near where you are, stay away from it!

The same goes for windows in general—if they’re opened, they’re liable to let in anything that’s on the other side of them. And no one wants that kind of trouble after going through all this trouble just to get into the house safely. The point is: don’t open any windows or doors unless absolutely necessary, because then anything could come inside and ruin everything!

Lower your volume.

  • Lower your volume. This is a good tip for solo players, who may find the music or sound effects of their game distracting from the experience. In this case, lowering the volume can help you concentrate on the game and make it more immersive.
  • If you’re playing with friends and have to have them in loud voices to hear them (or vice versa), consider using headphones so as not to disturb others in your household who are trying to sleep/work/study right next door!
  • You could even go one step further by lowering both yours and your friend’s voice volumes while still being able to communicate effectively… just because I don’t like loud noises doesn’t mean they need to stop talking altogether!

Take breaks when necessary, and try not to play at night!

  • Take breaks when necessary
  • Try not to play at night!
  • Play with your friends! You can all work together and stay up late, but the thing is, if you’re playing by yourself it’s just gonna be way more stressful.

Close any doors that may be opened, but don’t lock them forever! If a door is locked you won’t be able to get back in unless you have the key.

Locking a door is an easy way to keep your house safe, but don’t forget that you will not be able to get back in if you lock it forever! If you do lock the door, make sure you have a key on hand. This is important because there are many scary things out there that might scare you into forgetting where you put the key and then being unable to get back into your house.

Don’t lock doors unless it’s absolutely necessary – otherwise all of this could be for nothing!

Be prepared, but don’t be afraid of the dark!

Being prepared for horror games is the best way to deal with them. You can survive the jump scares and avoid going insane if you know what you’re getting into. The first step is knowing exactly what kind of game you’re playing, so that you can plan accordingly.

If it’s a survival horror game like Resident Evil or Silent Hill, then stock up on healing items and ammo before starting the game. You don’t want to be stuck without any supplies because then you’ll have no chance at all! And don’t forget about your friends—if they want to play with you, bring them along! It’s always helpful having someone else around in these situations (and not just because it gives us more targets).

If it’s an action-packed shooter like Call of Duty: Black Ops III or DOOM 2016: Resurrection Edition (which I highly recommend), make sure you practice using controllers before running headfirst into battle; otherwise there’s a good chance that some bad calls will end up costing lives (yours).


I hope these tips have helped you prepare for the horrors of October and your time with horror games. Now, go get some sleep, because tomorrow is another day!

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