Why You Should Be a Cat Lover


Cats are mystical creatures. They’re always full of surprises, and they’re eternal mysteries. We love our feline overlords, but it seems like some people haven’t really experienced the joy that is owning a cat. So if you’ve been considering getting a new feline friend, read on! I’m going to make my case for why you should be a cat lover—and why cats are the best thing since sliced bread (or dry food).

Cats are easy to be around

Cats are not just easy to be around, but also easy to care for. They are independent and self-sufficient animals that can fend for themselves. They don’t need constant attention and affection from their owners.

Cats are quiet and will not disturb you when you want some peace and quiet in the house, which is especially helpful if you have other pets or children around. If your cat does decide to yowl or meow loudly at night, there might be something wrong with its health (such as an ear infection), so it would be wise to consult a vet immediately!

Cats are also clean animals with little odor; they do not need baths often because their coats repel dirt naturally thanks to oil secretions from glands located near the tail base which helps them groom themselves daily – all you need do is brush him/her once every three months!

You can travel and not worry about a pet sitter.

If you’re a frequent traveler, cats are the way to go.

Cats are independent and don’t need as much attention as dogs do. They won’t get lost, they won’t get sick when travelling, they’re less likely to get into trouble when travelling, and they’re less likely to injure themselves while on the road with you. Cats may even be happier than dogs because their owners don’t have time for them!

Keeps your mind sharp.

  • Cats can keep your mind sharp. If you have a cat, you know that one of the best parts of being a cat owner is watching them solve problems and learn new things. They will always be there to help when you are stuck on something big or small, from organizing your office supplies to learning how to crochet. Cat owners have also been shown to be more patient than non-cat owners as well as learn new skills faster than non-cat owners. Many people who own cats report feeling calmer after spending time with their pets, so it’s possible that this is another benefit of having a friend like a cat!

No long, expensive vet visits.

One of the best things about cats is that they are very low maintenance. You don’t have to take them to the vet unless they are sick or old, which is a lot easier on your wallet than taking a dog. Cats also don’t require any special food or toys, so you won’t have to spend money on those either!

If your cat does get sick, there are plenty of ways you can treat it at home instead of having to go to the vet. If your cat gets fleas, try using some olive oil on their fur and rubbing it gently into their skin until all of the fleas are gone (but make sure not too much olive oil goes into their ears). If your cat has diarrhea from eating too much tuna fish sushi rolls (which happens sometimes), then grab some Epsom salts from the drug store and give him/her about 1 tbsp per day until all symptoms clear up within 72 hours (don’t worry about getting them drunk with this method).

Good for your heart health.

In a nutshell: The act of petting a cat can help to lower stress levels, which is great for your heart health. As well as being a great way to relax and unwind, it has been proven that stroking cats can decrease blood pressure, boost the immune system and even help you sleep better at night.[2] Cats are also good company when you’re feeling low — they don’t judge you or try telling you what to do!

Cuddles are good for your cat and you.

If you’re a cat lover, chances are that you know how great it feels to cuddle with your feline friend. Cats have the ability to snuggle up close and offer their best purrs and headbutts when they feel the need for some affection. But did you know that curling up with your cat can also be beneficial for both of you?

Cats are incredibly good at offering companionship and comfort to those around them! In fact, studies show that petting your cat can reduce stress levels as well as blood pressure due to their calming nature. This means not only is cuddling fun for both of y’all, but it prevents negative effects from being too high—helping both humans and animals alike!

Excellent way to fight anxiety and depression.

Cats are great for people who are lonely. They give you something to do, and they keep you company in your home. If you’re suffering from depression or anxiety, having a cat can help you feel better because they naturally reduce stress levels.

They’re also good at helping people deal with grief. You can take care of your cat while mourning the loss of a loved one and it will provide comfort during this difficult time.

Low risk of allergies.

A cat is the perfect pet if you have allergies. Cat owners are less likely to suffer from asthma, eczema and hay fever than dog owners. Cats are also a low risk for cat allergies. If you are allergic to dogs but not cats, it could be because of a specific protein in dog dander that does not exist in cat dander.

This makes sense when we look at how their immune systems work – dogs produce large amounts of an antibody called IgE (immunoglobulin E) which helps them fight off parasites and fight infections, but this same protein can trigger an allergic reaction when someone with an overactive immune system comes into contact with it.

Owning a cat is easier than owning a dog, but still has some of the same perks like providing stress relief and being a great companion.

Owning a cat is easier than owning a dog, but still has some of the same perks like providing stress relief and being a great companion. Cats are often less expensive because they don’t need as much attention. For example, they don’t need to be walked or taken to the vet as often as dogs do. Cats also don’t have fleas and are generally more independent than dogs, which means that you can leave them alone for longer periods of time without worrying about whether or not they’ll get into trouble if left alone for awhile.


Cats are great companions. Research has shown that owning a pet is good for your health and well-being. From lowering blood pressure to providing stress relief, owning a cat can make your life better in many different ways. While they are super easy to take care of, they still offer the same benefits as owning a dog like providing comfort and love. Cats are also low maintenance and don’t require much outside of food, water, toys and some cuddles every now and then!

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