What To Expect In Wwe 2k16


I have good news. There are plenty of new features in WWE 2K16. More than enough to justify the purchase of the game, if you played previous versions like I did. From a bigger roster to a more realistic submission system, let’s take a look at some of what you can expect from WWE 2K16 when it hits stores on October 27th.

Note that this write up will be spoiler free for those who haven’t played the game yet and want to avoid spoilers about new features, moves and other additions that come with the title. It will also be entirely focused on what’s new and different from last year’s version.

A Bigger Roster

  • A Bigger Roster – As you may have guessed, this is one of the biggest improvements made in WWE 2K16. The roster has been bumped up to 150 wrestlers, and each wrestler has their own unique movesets and entrance.
  • More Options – This is another improvement that will be very welcome by players of WWE 2K15. You can now customize your wrestler with new attire, masks or even tattoos! There’s also a wider variety of options when choosing your entrance music as well as improved commentary from Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole.

Superstar Creation

Wwe 2k16 has introduced the option of creating your own superstar. You can customize his/her attire, entrance, moveset and finishing move.

Once you are done with designing your own superstar and you have made some changes in the attire section then go to entrances section so that you can add an entrance for your created wrestler. In this section, there will be various options to choose from and one of them is Create Entrance. By pressing this button you will be directed towards Custom Entrance Creator where you can design an entirely new entrance for your character or even modify existing ones by adding new animations, music etc…

Run-In 2.0

The Run-In system has been improved. You can now run in while a superstar is in the middle of a match, during his or her entrance, while they’re doing promos or backstage segments. If you so choose, you can also interrupt their backstage brawl. This will give you more chances to interfere with your rival’s momentum and make him look bad in front of the fans.

This new feature gives players even more control over what happens in their matches than before and also adds another layer of strategy for those who like to plan out their storylines ahead of time!

Submission System 2.0

The new submission system 2.0 has been added to the game, and it looks great. The animations are smooth, the transitions look natural and there is a nice variety of submissions that range from basic (like an armbar) to exotic (such as an octopus stretch). The transition animations are also gorgeous. You can see them in action on WWE SuperStars’ YouTube channel here:

The new submission system is certainly a step forward for the franchise in terms of its presentation and gameplay quality, but how does it compare to other games? Let’s take a look at some comparisons between wwe 2k16’s submission system 2.0 and other popular video games!

New Moves

New moves have been added to the game for superstars, divas and managers. For example, Big Show has a new move called the Knockout Punch. This is a punch that knocks out your opponent instantly when you hit them with it. The Great Khali also has a new move called the Punjabi Plunge which is similar to his signature move but it can be used to knock out an opponent instantly as well too! And Stephanie McMahon has a new submission finisher called Kiss My Ass which looks really cool!

New referees have also been added in this video game as well such as Ricardo Rodriguez who will now count all pinfalls on both sides of the ring so that he can make sure that there’s no cheating going on during matches!

Dynamic Lighting System

The Dynamic Lighting System will make the game look much more realistic. The lighting system affects both gameplay and the overall visual quality of the game. The lighting system can be turned on or off, depending on your preferences. When you turn it on, you’ll notice that lights from sources such as fire, flashlights, candles and even sunlight will affect how dark or bright areas are in a scene. This means that you’ll have to be careful about where you stand in order to avoid being seen by enemies who might be using night-vision goggles. The Dynamic Lighting System also means that shadows will appear more detailed and realistic than ever before!

There are many many new features in wwe 2k16 that make this the best game yet!

The new features are amazing! This game is the most exciting, realistic and fun game ever. You will never get bored or tired with this one.

It is so exciting to have such a realistic wrestling video game that can really make you feel like you are inside of your TV screen watching matches live. You can feel yourself getting into the action and enjoying every moment of it as if it was happening right in front of your eyes! It’s just so much fun!


The WWE 2K16 system features a roster of over 120 superstars, the largest in any sports video game. It also features Superstar Creation and Run-In 2.0, which both allow players to create custom content they can use in the game’s career mode or share with other players online. New moves have been added to WWE 2k16 as well, including over 50 new submission moves for all kinds of wrestlers from brawlers like John Cena and Brock Lesnar all the way up to technical mat masters like Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. This is just another feature that makes this entry into the franchise one of its best yet!

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