want to get on up? how easy is it to jump into the rhythm of a funkin game?


Do you want to get on up? Do you want to get into the rhythm of a funkin game? Well, we have just the thing for you. We’ve been playing funk for years and are more than happy to pass our knowledge onto you. So let’s start with what we played.

want to get on up? how easy is it to jump into the rhythm of a funkin game?

You want to get on up? How easy is it to jump into the rhythm of a funk game?

What we played: I’ve always been a big fan of the rhythm game genre, but until recently, I hadn’t ever tried one where you actually play as a character. In Fantasia: Music Evolved, you use Kinect or an Xbox controller to move with music-driven cues from the in-game characters and decibels from your own ears. The aesthetics are colorful and cartoony—there’s no grittiness here! The rhythm is fast and fun; the rhymes are simple but straightforward. I was impressed by how easy it was for me to pick up on what was needed for success.

what we played

We played a lot of games. We played a lot of different games. And we played even more types of game: rhythm and music, puzzle, RPG, platformer and more!

the aesthetics of funk

The aesthetics of funk are also a key part of the game. A player who likes to spend time in the style section will find that their options for clothing and makeup are limited, but this is by design. The creators have decided to focus on the music and dancing rather than fashion, and this helps keep the game from being too much like another social media platform where you just look at other people’s selfies all day long.

The focus on music over fashion also helps make it easier for players who aren’t interested in making their avatar look good as a means to get attention from others—all they need is a decent number of followers and some basic knowledge about how rhythm games work!

the rhythm of funk

The rhythm of funk is a beat that is repeated over and over again. The “one-four-five” rhythm (1, 4, 5) means that the first beat of each measure, called the downbeat or “one”, is followed by four beats in which you can put down your foot to get funky and then finishes with another one on the fifth note.

To get into this groove, you’ll need to learn how to count the music out loud so you can feel it in your body rather than just hear it from speakers or headphones. Counting eighth notes together will help you pick up on patterns: 1&2&3&4&5&6/8 (You could also say & as well.)

the rhymes

The key to a good rap is rhyme, so you need to be careful how you use it. A rhyme scheme is when two or more lines of lyrics end with the same word or words that sound similar to one another. To make sure that it’s a true rhyme and not just a coincidence, the final words should also mean something similar in meaning. For example:

“I am walking down the street/I am walking on thin ice.”

The first line ends with “street,” which sounds similar to “thin ice.” It also ends with the word “walking,” which means the same thing as “walking on thin ice.”

It’s very easy to join in the rhythm of a funkin game.

In conclusion, it’s very easy to join in the rhythm of a funkin game. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Learn the rhythm of your own body.
  • Find 5 people who are close friends or strangers who also know how to play the rhythm of their bodies.
  • Play with them!


The rhythm of the funkin game is very easy to join in. You can get on up and be in the groove without any difficulty. The music and rhyme will help you along, as well as the aesthetics of funk itself. We hope this article has convinced you to try out your own funkin experience! If so then what are you waiting for? Get on up!

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