True Horror in Gaming


Anyone who plays video games knows that there are a lot of different genres. But few genres have captured the imagination of gamers quite like horror games. Horror games immerse players in nightmarish settings and scenarios, with terrifying enemies and unsettling story lines. It is not for everyone, but for those that do enjoy horror games, their desires are often hard to satisfy. The goal of this blog is to help you find a game in this genre that you will love by covering both old classics as well as modern titles.

The definition of horror

What is horror?

The definition of horror can be difficult to pin down. The word “horror” is used to describe all sorts of things, including everything from the emotion that comes with seeing a spider crawling on your arm to the feeling you get when someone close to you passes away. The most common usage of the word refers to a fear that’s so intense that it causes physical reactions like increased heart rate or sweating. This kind of fear is often called “terror,” but there’s no real difference between terror and horror except in terms of where they come from—fear vs. pain (the latter being more physical).

What makes horror games scary?

The answer depends on who you ask! Some people believe ghosts are more terrifying than demons because they’re harder to conceptualize; others think monsters are scarier than ghosts because there’s always a chance for escape if one happens upon you in real life but not when faced with an evil spirit or monster intent on doing harm (like Chucky).

The Evolution of Horror

The horror genre has been around since the very beginning of video games. There are some that might argue that it started with Pong, but I beg to differ. The original Atari 2600 gave us Haunted House, which featured a creepy old mansion and a ghost haunting your steps. This was followed by Space Invaders in 1978, which went on to become one of the most popular arcade games ever made.

Horror has evolved over time, though; as technology has improved (and graphics have gotten better), so too have horror games become more advanced and immersive. You can still find plenty of these classics out there today (and they’re great fun) but they don’t hold a candle to modern offerings such as Resident Evil 7: Biohazard or Dead Space 3 (both available now on PS4).

Horror Today

Horror games are a niche, but they’ve continued to thrive in the gaming world. Video game horror today is a wide range of themes and ideas, but there’s one thing that all horror games have in common: they’re not supposed to be relaxing. That said, horror games can be a great way to relax if you know what you’re getting into.

Upcoming Horror Games

When it comes to horror games, you might be wondering what the best ones are. Well, there are a few upcoming titles that are worth mentioning.

They are all pretty similar in terms of feeling and gameplay mechanics (they’re all about exploring a dark environment and trying not to get attacked), but each one has its own special twist on this formula. Here’s what makes them scary:

  • The Silent Evil 2 is an indie game that takes place in an abandoned asylum as you go deeper into its halls looking for answers about your missing brother. Unlike most horror games where you’re unarmed against enemies or can only run away from them, this one lets you fight back with weapons like fire extinguishers or baseball bats! It’s also different in terms of its art style–instead of using realistic graphics like many other games do, they use more cartoon-like designs so everything looks like it came straight out of an old comic book series (but still creepy).

Horror has always been a popular niche in gaming and will continue to be so.

It’s always been a popular niche, but there are certain things that make it stand out as a genre. One of those is the fact that it’s constantly evolving and changing. If you look at horror video games from the 80s to now, they’re all very different from one another. There isn’t just one formula for success anymore; people know what works and use it to their advantage.

Another reason why this genre isn’t going away any time soon: Horror is fun! I mean, who doesn’t love being scared? It’s fun for gamers because we get to experience situations that most people would never want to encounter in real life (like getting chased by an ax murderer). It’s also great for people who aren’t gamers because they get an immersive experience into someone else’s life without having to put themselves in danger first hand (I’m looking at you extreme sports fans).


Horror is a genre that has been in gaming since its inception. It’s a broad category and can be found in many different forms of media. When it comes to video games, there are two common types: the one where you play as an innocent bystander witnessing horrifying events around them (Silent Hill 2) or the other where you take control of an unstoppable force who must fend off his attackers with brutal violence (Resident Evil 6). Both forms have their merits and drawbacks but I would personally argue that horror should focus more on the former than latter because it allows for greater immersion which leads to increased fear when things go wrong.

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