Top 5 Greatest Multiplayer Characters of Call of Duty 3


This is an authoritative list of the top five multiplayer characters in Call of Duty 3 that make for the most exciting gameplay experiences. In no particular order:


Blackout is a stealth specialist. He’s not the best sniper in the game, but he is good with a rifle. When you need someone who can snipe and take out enemies quickly and efficiently, Blackout is your man. He’s also great at blending into the background when he wants to get away from hostiles or “ghosting” across enemy territory undetected.

Blackout is ideal for players who want to play as a team, but don’t want to sacrifice their individual skills just because they’re playing with friends.


Hazmat is an offensive character that excels at close combat. Being able to pick off enemies with ease makes him a great character for new players, while also being able to hold his own against more experienced players.

While he’s not particularly fast, he has a lot of health which lets him soak up damage and dish out punishment. He also has an ability called “Hack” which makes the enemy’s gun shoot fire or poison bullets (or both). The other thing that makes Hazmat so effective is that he can steal items from other characters by shooting them with their own weapons; this makes it easy to get extra items such as health packs and ammo since you won’t have to travel far from respawn locations.


Resistance is the best multiplayer character in Call of Duty 3. Resistance is the most powerful multiplayer character in Call of Duty 3. Resistance is the most entertaining multiplayer character in Call of Duty 3.

Resistance has many abilities that make him better than other characters, such as having a healing ability and being able to teleport around maps quickly. He’s also invincible when he’s on top of his tower, so you can’t be killed while there!


The Infiltrator is a great choice for stealth gameplay. This character can sneak around, taking out enemies with one shot to the back of the head or neck. He can also use his weapon as a blunt instrument if you get caught, as well as throwing his knife and catching it again. When you do get caught, don’t fret; just run away until another enemy comes along—then kill them! The Infiltrator is also great at long-range combat due to his sniper rifle and long-distance pistol shots. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s got a shotgun too! Oh yeah: this guy can take down multiple enemies at once with ease.*

  • Note: I have not played Call of Duty 3 multiplayer so my knowledge of its intricacies is limited to what I’ve read online about it (which may or may not be accurate).


The Commando is a great character for close quarters combat. The Commando has a semi-automatic M4 with an underslung shotgun, making it ideal for breaching and clearing rooms. It also has the ability to use frag grenades, which can be useful when you need to clear buildings or otherwise catch your enemies off guard.

If you’re looking for someone who can keep up with your fast-paced style of play in Call of Duty 3 multiplayer, then you should definitely be using the Commando as your main character!

These multiplayer characters make for the best gameplay experiences in the game.

The characters in Call of Duty 3 are all unique and fun, but blackouts and hazmats have the most unique abilities. Blackout is a great character for players who like to use stealth and trickery, while hazmat is great for players who like to use explosives. Resistance is also a good choice if you’re looking to utilize stealth and trickery, but not as much as blackouts or hazmats.


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