Top 10 Retro Bowls


If you’re looking to add a little retro style to your kitchen, then look no further than these vintage-inspired bowls. Bowls are one of the most vital tools in any kitchen. They’re versatile and can be used for a variety of dishes, from soup and salad to noodles and cereal. I’ve rounded up my favorite retro bowls ranging from mixing bowls to serving bowls. So check out my top 10 retro bowl picks below:

Soup and Salad Bowls

Soup and salad bowls are a great way to serve soup or salad at your next party. Soup and salad bowls come in many different sizes and materials, so you will have a lot of choices when picking the right one for your table. You can also find soup bowls made from vintage glass, which will add some charm to your table setting.

Microwave Bowls

Microwave bowls are made of glass, ceramic and plastic. These bowls can be used to heat food in the microwave, but they can also be used as serving bowls for snacks or leftovers. Microwave popcorn is a popular use for these types of bowls since you can put it in with your food and then take out your popper when it’s done cooking!

These microwavable containers are great straight out of the box if you don’t have time to clean up after dinner before hitting that late night show. If there’s still some leftovers after all that snacking on popcorn or reheating some spaghetti sauce, just pop them into the dishwasher when you get home from work tomorrow morning!

Cereal Bowls

Cereal bowls have been a staple of my breakfast routine for as long as I can remember. They’re perfect for eating cereal, serving snacks, and also for serving desserts. If you’re into salads and side dishes, then cereal bowls may be the way to go! Cereal bowls are also great for soups and rice dishes—not just oatmeal.

If you don’t already have one at home, we recommend this classic set of four from Zulily (which goes well with any other vintage-inspired kitchen decor).

Mixing Bowls

  • Mixing Bowls

These are the bowls you’ll use for mixing and serving. They come in a variety of sizes, and can be made from a variety of materials. Some have lids to keep food fresh, while others have handles that allow you to carry them with ease. There are even some that look like pyrex glass containers! They also come in many colors—you can find mixing bowls in any shade you want!

Rice Bowls

Rice bowls are small, round dishes that are used for serving rice and other foods. Rice bowls are usually ceramic or porcelain, but they can also be made of metal or wood.

Rice bowls are not just for serving rice—you can use them to serve other types of food as well! For example, if you’re having a sushi night, use a rice bowl to serve your favorite sushi roll recipe (like this one). Or maybe you’re having friends over for dinner and want to make some homemade salad? Go ahead—serve it in your beautiful rice bowl! You could even try using it as a soup bowl if you think this will help the meal go down easier with those who don’t eat their veggies very well.

Dessert Bowls

Dessert bowls are the perfect way to serve ice cream, pudding and other treats. They’re made from glass, ceramic or wood. Some dessert bowls are small while others are big. Some have deep sides while others have shallow ones. The color and design of dessert bowls vary widely depending on their material, but most come with some type of decoration on them such as flowers or fruit.

Snack Bowls

Snack bowls are great for kids and adults, parties, picnics, snacks and salads. These bowls come in all shapes and sizes. And you can find them at most stores that sell kitchenware.

There are many different types of snack bowls available today. They include:

  • Fruit Bowls
  • Ice Cream Bowls
  • Salad Bowls

Noodle Bowls

A noodle bowl is a small, round porcelain dish that’s used to serve noodles. It comes in many different colors, patterns and shapes. Some are even transparent so you can see the contents inside.

Noodle bowls can be used for serving soup or salad as well as noodles. Some people like to use them for sushi because they’re small enough to fit a small amount of food and they’re not too big or heavy like other dishes might be. They make great serving pieces at parties because they look beautiful when filled with food!

Serving Bowls

A serving bowl is a great way to serve up food at your next party. They’re ideal for any dish that needs to be served in the center of the table, such as pasta, rice or other dishes that require a bit of room to breathe and soak up moisture from sauces. If you’re serving salads or soups at your event then it’s a good idea to have one on hand too! Serving bowls are also perfect for desserts, snacks and appetizers (you know how much we love an elegant appetizer).

Favorite Bowl-Matching Sets

There are many reasons why people choose to serve food in a bowl. Some would argue that the reason is simply because they’ve always been able to do so, while others claim that there’s something about the shape of the bowl that makes it more pleasing when serving food.

Regardless of your reasoning for choosing to use bowls as serving dishes, there are several products on the market today that will help you fill them up with delicious treats! Whether you’re looking for a retro bowl or something modern and sleek, there’s sure to be a product out there that fits your needs perfectly.

The following list includes some of our favorite products from around the web:

Use retro bowls to add a little retro style to your kitchen.

If you’re looking to add a little retro style to your kitchen, then these bowls are a great option. Retro bowls come in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. They can be used for serving food or storing food like cereal and snacks for kids. You can also use them for serving drinks such as milk or juice at the breakfast table or during movie night with friends.

They’re made from durable materials so they’ll last through years of use without getting worn out easily! They even come in sets so if one breaks it won’t ruin the whole thing because there’s always another one ready to go when needed!


We hope we’ve inspired you to look at bowls with new eyes, and maybe even get a few of your own. After all, these bowls are so much more than just containers for food—they provide an opportunity to bring retro style into your kitchen, while still being useful and practical. You can use them to make the simplest meals feel special (not to mention beautiful), or you can add something truly unique to your collection of cookingware; whatever you choose, remember that the best things about these bowls is that they’re versatile and able to adapt themselves perfectly for any occasion. Use them well!

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