Top 10 Best Happy Wheels Character Names


Happy Wheels characters have a lot of great names. Have you ever wondered which one is the most unique?

10. “Viking Raider”

The Viking Raider is a name that can be used for any character in Happy Wheels. This character is a viking with a horned helmet and a spear.

9. “Crab-Man”

Crab-Man is a character in the game Happy Wheels. Crab-man is a crab with a human face and he’s one of the few characters that can be created by the player. The other characters you can create are: bear, bird, dog, robot and spider.

Crab-Man has many different physical features but his most memorable feature is his human face combined with his crab body. As we all know crabs don’t have legs. But in Happy Wheels there are 2 ways for you to play as crab man – first there is “Crabs Can’t Walk”, which means that your character won’t be able to move around unless it’s on wheels or something else (like walls). And second there’s “Crabs Can Walk”, which means that your character will be able to move around freely like any other happy wheeler except they will walk rather than run or skateboard etcetera..

8. “The Knight of the Round Table”

The Knight of the Round Table is a medieval knight that you can control in Happy Wheels. He is a good character to play as, because he is easy to control and he has an A rating on Speed. The Knight of the Round Table has armor that protects him from damage and he can jump high into the air when you press the up arrow key while playing this game.

7. “Mr. Underpants”

One of the best things about Happy Wheels is that it allows you to create your own character. While some people prefer to be a stick figure, others want their own custom-designed character. If you’re going the custom route, then one of the best ways to make sure your character stands out from the crowd is by giving him or her an interesting name.

The name Mr. Underpants might not exactly leap off the page at first glance—but upon further inspection, its origins become clear: It’s a reference to the comedic children’s book series by Dav Pilkey that began in 1997 and continues through today with more than 100 installments released so far! The main character in these books is called Captain Underpants—because he wears only underpants on his head—and this happy wheels character fits right in with his namesake by wearing nothing but underpants himself (though we don’t recommend putting paper underwear on your head).

6. “The Beast from Below”

If you’re looking for a scary character name, then “The Beast from Below” is the way to go. It’s a monster that comes from below the earth, which makes it both frightening and unique.

5. “The Catapult King of Catastrophy’s Castle”

A catapult is a medieval siege engine that launches projectiles at the enemy. Catapults, which can be powered by mechanical means or by hand, are used to hurl projectiles at castles and other fortifications, as well as enemy soldiers. They were famously used in ancient times by the Romans and Greeks, who often used them to destroy walls and towers.

In Happy Wheels, a catapult is a character who uses his/her body like a weapon–throwing himself into harm’s way so he can destroy obstacles for other players’ benefit. For example: “The Catapult King of Catastrophy’s Castle” throws himself off of cliffs into lava pits so that other players will have easier access to new parts of their levels!

4. “Mr. Angryman with a Name and His Hat and His Face and Everything!”

This is one of the more creative names you can choose for your character. Mr. Angryman with a Name and His Hat and His Face and Everything! is a unique name that will definitely give you an edge when competing against others in Happy Wheels levels.

Mr. Angryman is a fat man with angry eyes, an afro, and a red hat on his head. He wears blue pants and white shoes to complete the look. He has black hair growing out of his face as well as a long mustache that hangs down underneath his nose. His full name is Veena Bukhari but she goes by “Vee” or “Vee_B” online (she doesn’t like all her letters capitalized). She also loves cats so much that she named one after herself: “Meow Meow Meow B” (meow meow meow).

3. “Llama Man”

Llama Man is a character in Happy Wheels. Llama Man is a llama with legs and arms, who has a hat on his head. He has a face, too!

You can use Llama Man’s name when you have to create your own character for the game or just when you want to tell someone about this awesome game.

2. “Ultimate Wheelchair Man!”

  • “Ultimate Wheelchair Man!”

This is the name of a character who is, you guessed it, in a wheelchair. He’s also known as “the Ultimate Wheelchair Man.” In fact, he’s so good at being in a wheelchair that he’s actually one of the best characters ever created in all of Happy Wheels.

1. “Jehovah-Witness Guy with the Big Red Bible on his Lap”

  • “Jehovah-Witness Guy with the Big Red Bible on his Lap”

This name is funny, unique, memorable and easy to pronounce. The fact that it’s a real character makes it even more fun as well.

There are tons of characters to play as in Happy Wheels and a lot of them have really funny names

There are tons of characters to play as in Happy Wheels and a lot of them have really funny names. Here are some examples:

  • Tada!
  • Thony The Hony
  • I’m Not Really a Plumber (this is kind of funny)
  • A Very Stable Boy (this is not very funny at all)


Happy Wheels is a great game to play if you love adventure and excitement. It has different characters that will make the game even more fun, especially since it’s a single-player game! Hopefully these character names will help inspire you with new ideas for your own character creations. I hope this post has been useful in helping find some new name ideas for your Happy Wheels character!

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