Top 10 Beginner Minecraft Xbox 360 Seeds


If you’re looking for simple Minecraft Xbox 360 seeds to help get started, we’ve got a few for you. The seeds on this page all feature villages, which is great for getting easy access to some basic gear and resources.

By the way – don’t forget that once you’ve found a great seed from this list, be sure to check out our guide on how to find your save files so that you can play it again in the future!


This seed is a great place to start if you’re new to Minecraft and want something that will help you learn the basics. It gives you plenty of opportunity to explore and build, as well as hunt and mine.


  • Seed: -938239132774691894
  • Seed: 1602347108
  • Seed: seed -938239132774691894
  • Seed: seed 1602347108


A seed is a word for the number that is used to generate a map. If you ever wanted to share your world with someone else or just see what it looks like on their computer, then you will need to use this number. The seed number is also used when generating an infinite terrain feature in Minecraft.

If you have been looking for some cool seeds for your Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft, then you have come to the right place! We are going to go over ten great seeds that we think are perfect for newcomers who want something fun and exciting

Igloo Seed

  • Seed: -befunky
  • Seed: -1756647545
  • Seed: -seed
  • Seed: igloo
  • Seed: 5190798107928507712

Igloo seed is a great place to start. This seed will have you spawn in a snowy biome, with all the necessities for survival nearby. You’ll find trees and plants immediately, as well as coal and iron ingots on nearby hillsides, so you don’t have to dig deep into your inventory to find what you need for crafting. There are also plenty of zombies around for harvesting their flesh for food and experience points if that interests you or simply killing them off with arrows when they get too close!


Let’s explore this world together. You start off on a small island with a desert temple. Be sure to take all your valuables and move out of here quickly; as soon as you leave the island you’ll be swarmed by zombies.

Once you’ve escaped the initial horde, look around for a village—it’s right nearby! The villagers will give you plenty of food and supplies if you ask nicely, but it’s best not to stay there too long: more zombies will appear shortly after nightfall (and they are even harder than the first group).

Seed 1418804873

This is a great seed to start off on. There are many interesting things to find and do, including:

  • A village at x:70, z:71
  • A desert temple at x:72, z:-146 (underground)

Seed -938239132774691894

Seed -938239132774691894

This seed is a great one for those of you who want an easy start in Minecraft. The spawn point is right next to a village, which comes with its own blacksmith, library and other useful buildings. There are also temples nearby that give you access to some nice weapons and armor as well as some other resources like iron blocks and gold blocks.

You should definitely try out this seed as soon as possible if you’re new to Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition!

Seed 1602347108 | Infinite Wool + Village + More!

You’re a beginner and you want to find the best seeds for beginners. You can’t be blamed, because Minecraft seeds are used by both advanced and beginner players alike. Luckily, we’ve found a great seed that was created with beginners in mind.

This seed features an island just off shore from a survival island with a village on it! It also has plenty of animals to hunt down and kill so that you have food while you build your initial shelter and home base.

These are great seeds to start off on!

If you’re new to Minecraft, or just want to play on Xbox, these seeds are great for beginners. These seeds have plenty of flat land for building and farms, as well as ores like gold and iron. They also have trees so you can start chopping wood right away! These are some of the best seeds if you want to play with friends or if you’re on a budget.


That’s it for our list of the top 10 beginner Minecraft Xbox 360 seeds. We hope you have enjoyed learning about these seeds and are ready to start your new journey through the world of Minecraft. Happy mining!

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