The Best Tricks to Help You Win at ‘Pac-Man’ – Who Doesn’t Love the 80s?


Think that “Pac-Man” is a simple game of chasing dots? Think again! The famous Japanese video game, which came out in 1980, was actually so much deeper and more complex than it initially seemed. There are tons of ways you can use to outsmart the ghosts chasing Pac-Man around the board and help him eat all the pellets. If you think you were good at “Pac-Man,” here are some tips to help you become an expert:

Where to hide

Pac-Man is a game of hide and seek. You want to avoid being eaten by your enemies, but also you want to get close enough to them so that they’ll turn around and give you an opportunity to eat them. This means that there are several different places in which you can hide.

  • Use the walls: While it makes sense that ghosts chase after Pac-Man, it’s also true that they’re not very good at following him through corners or around walls. If you can use these things effectively, then it will take longer for the ghosts to reach you and make them easier targets for eating!
  • Use the center: If we were talking about basketball or football, this would be called “hogging” because nobody likes an arrogant jerk who won’t pass the ball when he has no open teammates on his team (um…just me?). But anyway…there’s nothing wrong with taking over half of your maze map if there aren’t any other players on it! The only problem with this strategy is finding out how many times one person can eat in one life before getting tired out; otherwise known as…being bored easily :O)

How to avoid getting chased by ghosts

  • Don’t run into the ghosts.
  • Don’t stay in one place for too long.
  • Don’t get cornered by the ghosts.
  • Don’t get stuck in a maze or corner.

The best pattern to use when chasing ghosts

The best pattern to use when chasing ghosts is not always obvious.

The best pattern to use when chasing ghosts is not always obvious, and it changes depending on how many fruits you have left in each level. If you only have one fruit and have yet to eat any ghosts, then the best pattern is actually quite simple: try to eat the ghost that ate your last fruit before eating any other enemies. That will leave you with no wasted time or effort in clearing out a level’s remaining fruits. This can help speed up your game by quite a bit if done correctly!

How to earn extra points in no time

  • Eat the power pill.
  • Eat the fruit.
  • Eat the ghost.
  • Eat the flashing fruit (or ghost).
  • Eat the flashing power pill (or ghost).

If you’re lucky enough to get a tunnel, eat the following:

  • When there’s one left, eat it and make sure it’s a blue one with two dots on it that are facing each other; this will give you 1,500 points instead of 300 points!
  • If you manage to pick up 2 or 3 blue dots at once after eating all of them except for one or two which are still on their way down into your mouth before being eaten by Pac-Man himself – then congratulations! You just got 5X bonus points instead of only 3X bonus points for eating all four ghosts in one round…so feel free now go back over those steps again until everything is properly memorized so that when anyone asks ‘how do we win at Pac Man?’ The answer will be easy: “We kill every enemy.”

Did you know that “Pac-Man” isn’t actually a simple game of catching Pac-Man before he eats all the dots? It’s actually much deeper than that, and there are tons of tactics you can use to help win the game.

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Who knew there was so much strategy involved in Pac-Man? Thanks for reading about these tips and tricks—we hope they help you win in your next Pac-Man match!

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