Sony Drops the PSPgo to $150

Almost completely under the radar, Sony updated their PSP website with a price cut for the PSPgo. The website now shows the device will cost $150, a $50 price cut. This comes off of another $50 cut at the end of last year and a recent price cut to the PSP 3000. Sony is definitely trying to get rid of inventory, but the NGP is still many months away, so it might not be a bad idea to pick up a PSP 3000 on the cheap ($130), especially since the NGP will reportedly not be backwards compatible with UMDs.  Still, the digital-only PSPgo’s content will supposedly be transferable to your NGP (and it’s small), making it a nice option now that the price has dropped, if you can’t wait.

I’ve always liked the idea of the go, but never liked the implementation of it. It was too expensive, the games aren’t any cheaper (in fact, some games are actually more expensive), and they never figured out what to do with all the UMDs people had. At least with the NGP they have the excuse that it’s a brand new system.

Though the new price has yet to appear on retailers’ websites, you’ll most likely see it show up in Sunday’s ad, which is what happened with the PSP 3000. There’s no telling whether or not this price cut will help move systems, seeing as it’s the same price as the more popular DSi, but it can’t hurt.

[Source: PSPgo Official Page]

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