Skylanders Imaginators – 5 Things You Didn’t Know


In the latest game in the Skylanders series, players can create their own characters and play with dozens of others. It’s a unique gaming experience that’s as addictive as it is fun to play around with. Here are five things you should know about Skylanders Imaginators:

You can create Senseis.

You can create Senseis.

In Skylanders Imaginators, you get the opportunity to build your own Senseis, who are masters of the Imaginite world. You can also make your own Skylanders and other Senseis, but only if you first create a Sensei. This is where things get interesting: when you build a Sensei, it becomes possible for you to use that character as a template for creating another one (or more). So if you have an idea for an awesome new character design or power set, why not start with a Sensei?

Imaginite Chests contain all the items you need to create a Skylander.

On top of the Imaginite Chests you can buy with real money, there are several in-game ways to get them.

The first is by purchasing them from the store using gems. Gems are the premium currency of Imaginators – you can earn them through story mode or by completing daily challenges, but they’re also available for purchase via Amazon Coins or regular purchases on mobile devices. These chests will always contain at least one item from each category (such as a Skylander and their abilities), plus some additional items like Paint Splat paint, food for your Senseis’ pet Sibs and more. You can also get these chests for free if you complete certain quests that require collecting specific things like new Sensei figures or painting certain areas of the game’s hub world!

You can buy more power than is available on an Imaginite Chest.

As a Skylanders fan, you already know that the game can be frustrating at times. Some of your favorite toys don’t come with enough power to do all they’re capable of, and sometimes it’s hard to find other ways to get more power.

But there is one way you can have more power than what comes on an Imaginite Chest! If a character has a certain amount of powers in their arsenal but not enough points to use them all, they can still earn more points by leveling up their base level through training or challenge mode missions. For example:

There are different battle classes.

The Battle Class section of the Imaginator Creation Chamber is where you will find your Skylanders’ battle class. The Battle Class refers to a group of similar classes that have certain common attributes, such as being melee or ranged.

Each battle class has its own style of play and strengths and weaknesses. For example, the Tank class is good at protecting teammates from attacks while still dealing damage themselves; the Damage dealer can easily destroy opponents but isn’t so tough on its own; Ranged characters are good at attacking from a distance without getting hit too much. You can mix and match these different classes to create your ideal Skylander!

Senseis have hidden abilities.

You can use Sensei Skylanders to teach your kids about a bunch of things. You can teach them math, reading, geography and more!

Senseis have hidden abilities. There are 50 unique traits that each Sensei will have when you create them in the Imaginarium. These include things like being invisible or having an aura around them that makes other Skylanders stronger. You might not even know which ones your Sensei has until you start using them in battle!

In this game, players are encouraged to create their own characters and play with dozens of others.

In this game, players are encouraged to create their own characters and play with dozens of others. There are different battle classes and senseis have hidden abilities. The skylanders you create can collect loot from the world of Skylands. You can buy more power than is available on an imaginite chest, or find it in the world of Skylands. Those chests contain all the items you need to create your skylanders.


And that’s it for our list of five things you didn’t know about Skylanders Imaginators! If you want more information about this game, check out our other articles on the subject. Also, please let us know what else we should write about by commenting below with your suggestions. Thanks for reading!

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