SEN (PSN) Online Store Launches has been around a long time, allowing you to purchase games and even queue up downloads all from your browser window. Sony announced months back that they had plans to offer a similar (and long overdue) service, and it finally went live this week.

Sony Entertainment Network online store allows you to do basically everything you could do before on your PS3 (or Vita), including purchasing games and TV shows/movies.

Simply point your browser to the store, login with your SEN (PSN) ID and password, browse or search for content, and queue it up to download. Your purchases will then appear on your download list; they will not be automatically downloaded (although this is a feature Sony is hoping to implement soon).

One good thing about this new feature is you can use Paypal to pay for your games or add money to your wallet, in case you’re still wary of using credit cards for PSN.

Are you excited about this feature, or disappointed that downloads aren’t automatic? Let us know what you think in the comments.

[Source: PlayStation Blog, FAQ]

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