Playstations Seized by European Customs

European gamers might have issues finding Playstation 3s after electronics giant LG won a preliminary injunction against Sony banning new imports of the console to Europe.  In the Netherlands, tens of thousands of new Playstation 3s within the last week were seized, and if;the ban continues, the PS3 could face massive shortages across Europe in the next month.

The current ban will last ten days; however, Sony is working on filing an appeal with the European patents office to get the importation ban lifted.  If LG chose to, it could also apply to have the ban extended, further damaging Sony’s sales.

According to The Guardian, LG’s issue with Sony arises from Sony’s alleged misuse of Blu-ray playback technology belonging to LG, technology used in the PS3.  The lawsuit is just one of many going on between the two companies as Sony tries to block sales of LG smartphones in the United States.

A Sony representative said, “we are currently looking into this matter, and cannot make any comments at this point in time,” while LG declined to make any official statement regarding the matter.

Sales of Playstation 3s in Europe have passed 3 million after launching four years ago in March, 2007.

[Source: The Guardian]

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