Playing tetris for long periods of time may result in addiction.


Teris is a great game. It is simple and easy to play, but it has the potential to draw you in and suck you in for hours. Players spend time playing tetris while they may have more productive things to do. Tetris is so addictive that researchers have begun to study its effects on people. What are the results of their findings?

The game has also been shown to trigger addiction.

The game has also been shown to trigger addiction. In a study published in the journal Psychological Reports, researchers found that some people who play Tetris for long periods of time can develop an addiction to it.

For example, gamers who reported playing Tetris everyday for three months or more often showed symptoms of addiction.

The study was conducted on a small group of volunteers, so the results may not apply to everyone. It also doesn’t necessarily prove that Tetris is addictive. The study only looked at people who played the game for long periods of time (more than three months), so it doesn’t really tell us anything about those who play shorter sessions or are less obsessed with Tetris.

In addition, participants were asked whether or not they felt addicted to the game, which may have influenced their responses. Finally, there’s no way of knowing if these people would have experienced similar effects had they played another type of computer game instead of Tetris (or if they had played one at all).

Playing the game at night can also be disruptive to sleep patterns and have the same results as playing a violent video game right before bed.

Tetris is a game that can be addictive to play. It is not uncommon for people to become addicted to this game, with some players spending long periods of time playing it at night or after work.

Tetris has been shown to have a negative effect on sleep patterns, which can lead to insomnia and other sleep issues. When one plays Tetris at night before going to bed, it can result in similar effects as playing violent video games right before bedtime because both types of games are stimulating and will keep you awake longer than usual due to your brain being stimulated even though you may want it turned off at the time (according to studies from 1993). In short, if you’ve ever wondered why so many people play Tetris late at night when they should be sleeping instead of getting their 8 hours—this is why!

We suggest taking frequent breaks from playing Tetris so that your mind doesn’t get too tired during playtime!

Playing tetris for long periods of time may result in addiction.

“Playing Tetris for long periods of time may result in addiction,” wrote Dr. Richard Haier and his colleagues of the University of California, Irvine in an article published in the September 1993 issue of Nature. The study involved 18 men who played Tetris for 30 minutes a day, five days a week over a period of six weeks (72 hours). After four weeks, MRI scans showed increased blood flow to the regions of their brains associated with visual perception and motor control. “These findings suggest that playing video games can have specific and lasting effects on mental function,” concluded Haier.

In 2010, researchers at Oxford University found that people who played Fruit Ninja for 10 hours over two weeks became addicted – their brain activity was similar to those who were addicted to gambling or alcohol! To avoid this happening to you or someone you know:

  • Make sure your tetris game has an offline mode where it doesn’t need internet access so if there’s no signal available then things will still work out fine (we recommend downloading it now)
  • If you get too excited about winning then take some deep breaths before continuing playing again


While the studies show that playing Tetris for long periods of time may result in addiction, there is also a lot of good that comes from it. It helps players with visual memory and problem solving skills. Players will become better at judging how far away objects are, how fast they are moving, and what direction they’re going in. They also tend to be more organized and focused on their tasks because they’re easily distracted by other things like ads or pop ups on their computers. All this makes Tetris one of those games that’s hard to stop playing if you start now!

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