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PDP Mortal Kombat Tournament Sign-Ups Now Open

Performance Designed Products (PDP) is hosting the world’s first professional Mortal Kombat tournament and sign-ups are now open. The tournament will be held at Bally’s in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 15 and 16 with $21,000 prize at stake.

PDP is inviting serious “kombatants” from around the world to enter the tournament where gamers will be using the PDP Mortal Kombat Fightstick. The $21,000 will be divided up amongst the top 8 finishers with the first place winner walking away with $10,000. If you think you have what it takes to compete in the tournament head over to to sign up.

Mortal Kombat is set to release on April 19 on the PS3 and 360, and don’t forget to check out our demo impressions of the MK reboot.

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