Not the Robots Now on Steam


Check out Not the Robots from tinyBuild.  Known as a “Roguelike stealth furniture eating simulator,” this game contains random levels, permadeath, and the goal of eating furniture.  Other features include:

  • Randomly generated stealth levels
  • Fearsome machine-gun-equipped patrolling guards to avoid and trick
  • Spotlights, lasers, bombs, and other traps to sidestep
  • Tons of crafty gadgets to master
  • Short/medium/long game modes for play sessions of any size
  • ]Mysterious and fully-voiced storyline to gradually explain the game’s strange setting
  • Secrets to find, hidden content to unlock
  • Controller support

Not the Robots is now available via Steam for $9.99 for Mac, Linux, and Windows.

[Source: tinyBuild]

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